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2020 | Let's make it a year of positivity for the internet

BMW i8 Roadster front poster
BMW i8 Roadster front poster

What's your favourite innovation of the 20th century? If it's the internet, you're in look. The world wide web provides knowledge and entertainment to millions of people.

Here's how I want to make a positive change for 2020.

Find alternative social media channels

You Tube

I talk to many people regarding YouTube and ask them what their thoughts are on the content. What comes to mind is the word censorship.

With the ever-changing terms of service and Adpocolypse - it's a miracle why users still watch YouTube. What's the solution?

I recommend BitChute and DTube because the websites welcome many perspectives. So, you can broadcast yourself. If, you want to support BitChute/DTube is to recommend content creators to produce videos for the site and to donate their funding goals.


I have my biggest Audience on Facebook and Instagram. Guess what company owns Instagram? Facebook. You're correct!

For desktop and mobile, Facebook doesn't want you to escape their ecosystem. With farming your data an knowing your GPS location without your permission to "name politics". It's a no-no!

Thankfully, there are social media sites that don't shill your data. and Gab help keep your data safe.

It gets better on Minds because you get paid for your content with Minds token and can support channels if you like their content.

Support independent creators

It's a stressful job being an artist from changes into the algorithm to changes into the law. There's a way to help out artists. From giving upvoting on a BitChute video to sharing a Minds blog

There's an even better way to support producers. Purchasing their artwork on their website, crediting their works on your page and commenting on the creators' posts.

Support Creative Commons

From publishing laws pushed into existence by old-guard lobbyist groups. Thus, snowploughing creativity by making blocks of words with miles of wiggle room.

Supporting an open-internet with freedom of expression is essential to inspire new ideas. From taking inspiration from a book to sampling a song. We need more content in the public domain.

How's it possible? Three words - Creative Commons License. Creative Commons, a licensing framework on how you share your works.

Websites such as Pixabay, Wikipedia and Flickr let you share your (original) works. So users can remix your content. Yay!


Fearmongering and complaining won't make the internet positive. We need ideas on how we can make the world wide web free.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube don't deserve your time plus, energy. Why not sign-up on Minds, Gab, BitChute and DTube to start your journey on these platforms. You've got nothing to lose.

Supporting creators by word of mouth, interacting with their posts and buying their works directly on their site.

Finally, sharing your (original) content through the creative commons, let's artists transform your works into another frame.

Thank you for reading my blog! Comment down ways on how you can support artists and make the internet better. Here's to a new decade and on that Bombshell goodnight.

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