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Car brands I've changed my mind | Porsche | Bentley and more

What Car brands have you changed your mind? Here are automotive marques I've changed my perspective.


If you asked me last year what my thoughts were on Bentley was it's a marque for senior citizens who drive soft mush.

Once visiting the Bentley CW1 House, I learnt about the marque's heritage, photographed the Ex-Press-car Bentley Continental GT Convertible and Bentley Continental GT3.

Having a passionate person who's knowledgable about the brand and can communicate a unique story makes a huge difference - from someone not caring the company to appreciating the marque.

Then, with a sharper design language (Bentley Continental GT/C/Bentley Flying Spur) without losing Bentley's identity. Yeah!

Finally, the newer Bentley Continental GT3 looks more serious than the previous generation.


If you asked me a decade ago if I thought Hyundai would make decent cars, I'd laugh you off. I'd say "Hyundai make cheap cars".

In late-2018, I didn't care about Hyundai. I knew they made the Hyundai Coupe and Veloster Turbo. But, they didn't have that an exceptional car.

Until, the Hyundai i30N/Performance! The salesperson generously gave us a Hyundai i30N booklet, and I read it in/out.

It's exhilarating seeing Hyundai showcasing their N-Brand on Forza Motorsport 7 - with a free DLC including:

  • Hyundai Veloster N

  • Hyundai Veloster Turbo


Before 2019, I wasn't bothered about Porsche. I'd jokingly comment the Porsche 911 was a rebadge Volkswagen Beetle from the '40s with styling tweaks. What about the other Porsches? Meh.

My opinion changed when I visited my first Porsche dealership when the staff allowed me to sit in the Porsches and to adjust the wheels on the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo GTS.


In the battle between Lamborghini vs Ferrari; I chose Ferrari. Then my mind changed when I went to my local Lamborghini dealership to photograph the raging bulls.

I enjoy how the dealership supported my hobby by, letting me photograph the Lamborghini's and discussing the specs of the latest models.


Out of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, I didn't put too much thought into Maserati. Yeah, the Maserati MC12 is fantastic, but its range didn't intrigue me.

Seeing a Blu Inchioristo Maserati GranTurismo changed my perception of Maserati. The next year, I met the manager of the dealership, and they told us an inspiring story of Maserati. And the beginning of Enzo Ferrari.

I'm hoping the Maserati MC20 and GranTurismo take help take brand ahead of the curve (Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo) and revitalise its image.


Kia Soul front three quarters
Kia Soul front three quarters

Same with Hyundai, I thought Kia made economy boxes for slower drivers. The Kia Ceed's reasonably priced car segment on Top Gear; I forgot to mention the seven-year warranty.

I remember the Kia Stinger is a highlight in the 2017 North American International Auto Show.

I haven't photographed the Stinger yet, its ingenious design and crisp appearance - I'd be worried about Kia shaking the game up.

Finally, if you delete the Kia badges on the Stinger - you wouldn't expect the makers of alright econoboxes to create a respectable saloon-hatchback.


The car industry is a tiny profit-margin market to sell. Even having an exceptional hero car doesn't mean you stand out.

From a consistent but, unique range of cars to little things such as;

  • Adjusting the wheels of the vehicle for a photographer.

  • Cleaning the area.

  • Feature exciting and quality content to create a dialogue.

  • The staff having a charismatic personality to sell the brand.

  • Giving the odd-booklet of the hero-car.

You can also encourage video game publishers to feature your car in your video game. One day that child buys a Maserati MC20 thanks to the video game.

What car brand has changed your mind? Let me know in the comments below; and please share my article if you've found it inspiring. Goodbye!

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