Car Photography from an Autism perspective

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Autism is your greatest aspect of learning your dream subject. i.e. car photography. Or a social barrier to overcome during the conversation.

Social aspect

I used to go into massive detail into the specs of automobiles. What's the 0-62mph, what engine and what price it is.

Over the last two years, I've learned objective specs are good, but personal stories to three-quarters of the account while you talk to the owners of said motor.

  • How did you get the car?

  • Why did you get the car?

  • How did you motivate yourself to obtain or modify the vehicle?

It's fantastic hearing stories from owners about their cars and what they've done to their vehicle. It's an extension to their personality.

Speaking to people also gives me the practice of the art of conversation and eye contact when talking to them. I tend to talk about the motors in the dealership, and if they like dogs, I will bring up my Dalmatian.

If you can find common ground with the other side, that finds your conversation engaging and collaborate well together; you're on the right foot. Also, you need your room to compromise and improvise.

As a bonus, it's excellent working with people who have experience with working with people who have autism and who treat them as if they're part of their circle. Not as a child.

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It's a challenge to meet new people in places you have not visited. However, you can reset your judgements on chatting new people.

Long words distract me.

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If the conversation gets heavy, complex language and lack of emotion, I struggle with those chats. Whether it's current affairs or person has conflicting emotions. It's hard to compute.

Lotus Exige R Chrome Orange | Front three quarters poster | Oulton Park

People can ask me a sentence about their car or group with one paragraph. More than that, I need a minute to answer their question correctly.

Mixed emotions

Mini Cooper JCW GP MK3 Racing Grey/Chilli Red | Rear three quarters poster | Oulton Park

Mixed emotions are challenging to decrypt when I struggle with body language, tone and phrasing at the same time. I need more time to process someone's emotions.

Someone might have one idea, but I struggle to compute their other thoughts. People can mask their feelings under the bloated language and, neutral body language.

Last-minute changes

If there are a significant and significant amount of last minutes changes, it's a challenge for me to overcome. I.e. Events being cancelled or, rescheduling a photoshoot. It takes an excellent night sleep to deal with the changes.

It depends on what mindset I'm in or how stressed I am. It depends on what variables I have to make last-minute changes.

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Triumph TR6 Roadster Red | Rear three quarters | George and Dragon Stone

The strength of my autism is to focus on and learn a subject very well. Going to car meets improves my social skills and helps me network with like-minded people.

Vauxhall Vectra C Ultra Blue | Front poster

You tend to learn to adapt if your visiting car dealerships when you forget the exit or meet new staff in the showrooms.

I love having an engaging chat with people who love their vehicle and learning how they obtained it.

Rover P6 V8 | Front three quarters poster | Oulton Park

However, prolonged and heavy conversation wears me out a lot. I prefer to talk about the owner's car specs and why they love the vehicle. It's an excellent feeling speaking to the car owners as equals than adversaries.

Finally, I find it very tough to communicate with people who use bloated language, confusing body language to hide their motives.

Do you know anyone who has autism? If you've found this article useful, please share it on your social media channels and let me know. Goodbye.

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