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Filming A BMW M3 Convertible E36 At Crayon Car Company

BMW M3 Convertible E36 | Estoril Blue | Crayon Car Company | Modern Classic Car | Performance Car | Dudley | Birmingham Cars
BMW M3 Convertible E36 | Estoril Blue | Crayon Car Company

Do you want to know how I've filmed this Estoril Blue BMW M3 Convertible E36 at Crayon Car Company? Yes. Same here - Welcome to how I filmed this M3 Convertible


Thank you to Rumandeep at Crayon Car Company LTD for letting me film and photograph this BMW M3 Convertible at the showroom. If you're looking for an approved car with a friendly service - Check out Crayon Car Company or call 0121 5522452/07739 353716.

Before I Filmed This BMW M3 Convertible

Looking at BMW M3 Convertible E36 for a future video (in the coming weeks), an Avus BMW M3 Convertible E36 caught his eye. Jonny used to own a 3 Series Convertible in the late-90's.

Jonny also mentioned to me, "we need a four-seater convertible to do rolling shots on the track". I brushed past that idea and thought, "we've crafted a rig to hold two cameras and a GoPro to photograph cars".

On an overcast Saturday, Jonny asked me, "what car showroom do you want to film?" I replied, "Lamborghini Manchester. The videos tend to do well on social media".bury

We paused a second; Jonny showed an Estoril M3 Convertible at Old, and I said, "do you want to test drive this BMW?" Jonny said, "yes, please".

I placed my photograph and film equipment then charged the Ronin SC-Gimbal in a storage compartment. Jonny called Crayon Car Company, "Please can I test drive this M3?" Rumandeep said, "sure. There's a black gate, and press (blank) to open the security gates near the address.

We arrived at Crayon Car Company around quarter-past-three; Rumandeep greeted Jonny and me. Jonny spoke to Rundeep while I charged the Gimbal since I forgot to turn on the alternator.

A few minutes later, Rumandeep prepped the M3 Convertible, and we got to hear the BMW M3's straight-six engine soundtrack. Exciting! I was the passenger in Jonny's M3 Convertible test drive.

On the test drive, Jonny mentioned, "Rumandeep owned this M3 Convertible for eight years. He's previously owned a 90's Lamborghini". I said, "that's the Diablo. That's a wild raging bull!"

From a passenger's perspective, the M3 Convertible felt comfortable. Jonny mentioned the BMW felt sluggish till 5000rpm", which we're not going to do on the greasy, busy roads of Dudley. Jonny said, "this M3 Convertible's factory fresh, other than the front windscreen and CD player."

After the test drive, I brought out my Nikon D850 to get some shots of Rumandeep's M3 Convertible for my website and social media channel/s.

How I Filmed This BMW M3 Convertible

I only had 15 minutes to film and photograph this BMW M3 Convertible outside Crayon Car Company. I began with a front-three-quarter and rear-three-quarter walkthrough of the M3 Convertible.

I had to re-calibrate the motor on the Ronin SC-Gimbal app and re-recorded the walkthrough of the M3 Convertible. Next, I filmed a taillight detail shot of the BMW M3 Convertible for storytelling in the video.

Then, I recorded a wheel panning shot of the M3 Convertible from the front to the rear wheel, highlighting the iconic aspects of the BMW. Next, I filmed the legendary mirror of the M3, because it's a mainstay of BMW fans.

Afterwards, I recorded an establishing scene of the BMW M3 Convertible's side profile to show a new perspective outside the showroom. Exciting.

Finally, I ended the BMW M3 Convertible with a headlight scene, so I recorded a striking clip of the M3 Convertible's headlight in the rainfall.

How I Edited The Video Of This BMW M3 Convertible

Yesterday, I opened up the BMW M3 Convertible video into Premiere Pro and imported the files into a film folder to efficiently organise the clips for storyboarding.

Next, I colour graded a clip of the BMW M3 Convertible to make the paintwork pop more on the BMW and provide a cinematic atmosphere to the rest of the video, using a new preset.

Then I spliced the unneeded parts of the M3 Convertible to get the best takes of BMW for the walkthrough advert. Afterwards, I rearranged the scenes of the BMW with a starting scene of the M3 Convertible's headlight and engine with the M3's rims.

Meanwhile, I placed the establishing shots of the BMW's front, rear and side profile to provide meat in the walkthrough of the M3 Convertible. Then, I added a Lo-Fi jazzy hip-hop soundtrack, changed the pitch, and hard-limited the audio to -12db.

Finally, I warp stabilised specific clips of the BMW M3 Convertible for a smoother feel of the BMW to make the video more engaging for the audience to watch.


Some of the best things happen in situ, whether random pizza night or filming a pristine M3 Convertible at a showroom. Though, I plotted the destination and charged the Gimbal.


What's your favourite angle of this BMW M3 Convertible? Let me know in the comments below and share my article on your social media channel/s if you've enjoyed the article.

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