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Filming at Audi R8 Adventures TRAX Silverstone 2021

Are you ready for and Audi R8 Adventures at TRAX Silverstone 2021? Yeah. Same here - Here's how my time went filming at R8 Adventures TRAX Silverstone.


Audi R8 V10 Plus | R8 Adventures | TRAX Silverstone 2021
Audi R8 V10 Plus | R8 Adventures | TRAX Silverstone 2021

After Jonny and I Filmed one of the club stands at TRAX Silverstone. The R8 Adventure's stand caught my eyes! So I asked Jonny, "Can we film the R8 Adventures stand?" Jonny replied with, "sure".

We asked the member's of the R8 Adventures, "Could we film and photograph at your club stand?" Chris, (R8 Adventure Member) said, "yes, please!"

During Filming

I planed the first scene of the MK1 Facelift Audi R8 with the jib going up and down. Though, Jonny had to fix the tension and placement of the jib, so the movements were smooth. We made significant progress!

Then, I planned a panning shot to have an engaging scene of all the Audi R8's at the R8 Adventures group stand. Yeah! During the filming, Jonny and I discussed with the R8 Adventure owner's how our video equipment works.

Chris mentioned, "not many of our members came to TRAX Silverstone today. Our members' live across the country, and we do fun meets with our R8's. Planning to bring thirty Audi R8's to the British Motor Museum on Sunday 24th - Do you want to come"?

Jonny and I replied with, "that sounds exciting!" Chris mentioned, "though you won't get paid for video shoot since we're a non-profit; you'll get some great film and video content".

Though we did get a person walking past during the Audi R8 V10 video shoot, I thought, "could I get a slick cut with this clip when I'm editing in Premiere Pro?"

While we were in the middle of the R8 Adventures stand, we filmed the MK2 Audi R8 V10 Plus with the McLaren Marlboro livery. Classy livery! We did an upwards shot using the jib.

To end off the R8 Adventures video shoot, we ended with an upwards jib shot of the MK2 Audi R8 Audi Sport Spyder. I began learning how the tension works on the jib to create even smoother shots.

During Editing

One of the first video's after the North Staffs Custom's club I edited was the R8 Adventures. Why? I knew I was a rare opportunity to film three Audi R8 V10's at such a prestigious place.

I began with colour grading and colour correction in Premiere Pro. Then I shortened the clips. Next, I stabilised the Audi R8 panning shot, then exported the clip and re-imported the clip to speed up the segment.


If you don't ask, you don't get. Whether you're asking to photograph a supercar or requesting help - opportunity knocks.

I'm thrilled that Jonny and I didn't have too much pressure during the R8 Adventures shoot. The biggest challenge we faced was the oncoming people passing by the stand.


What's your favourite Audi R8 V10 during my article? Let me know in the comments below, and share my post on your social media channels if you love the Audi R8.

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