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Filming At Car Society UK | TRAX Silverstone 2021

Do you want to know how I filmed at the Car Society UK stand at TRAX Silverstone 2021? Yes. Same here - Here's how I filmed the Car Society UK stand at TRAX Silverstone 2021.


Nissan 350Z | Car Society UK | TRAX Silverstone 2021
Nissan 350Z | Car Society UK | TRAX Silverstone 2021

After filming the ultra-rare Renault 17 Sport Coupe at the Rouge Static display at TRAX, Jonny asked me, "what car stand do you want to film at"? I said, Car Society, please"!


The first car Jonny and I filmed Kane's BMW 3 Series. Why? It's rare to see an E30 3 Series, and it's got a fantastic front face for an upwards jib shot.

During Kane's 3 Series video shoot, I planned to do another upwards crane jib shot of the Volkswagen Golf. I wanted a dramatic shot where the background changed when the camera went upwards.

Next, I scheduled a mini-video shoot of James's Nissan 350Z, heading up the Car Society UK stand. Jonny and I began with a front upwards jib shot of the 350Z, but I wanted more variety.

So, Jonny planned a low panning angle of the 350Z and ended with a side profile panning shot. Exciting. During the video shoot, the Edelkrone jib intrigued James, and we discussed James's Nissan 350Z.

Finally, Jonny and I ended with a group panning shot of the MG ZS, Volkswagen Golf and BMW 3 Series. So, we can add variety and tell a better story for the video. Indeed!


Ten days since TRAX Silverstone 2021, I compiled the highlights from filming at the Car Society UK stand. My brief was to:

Create an engaging 90-second video.

Tell a fun story at the stand.

I swapped around the scenes at the Car Society UK stand to make the video flow better. I added warmer colour grading to the video and reduced the purples for a natural feeling.

Finally, I wanted to add a relaxing hip-hop sample to capture the calming atmosphere video. So I changed the EQ of the audio and shifted/pitched for a richer sound. Yeah!


If you wanted variety, the Car UK Society TRAX Silverstone had it. How could I not film at this stand? From the Audi R8 to the iconic BMW E30 3 Series.


What's your car in my video? BMW 3 Series. Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your social media channel/s if I've featured your car.

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