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Filming R8 Adventures At British Motor Museum

Audi R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum | Supercar Meet
Audi R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum | Supercar Meet

Do you want to know I filmed the R8 Adventures at British Motor Museum? Yup. Same here - Welcome to how I filmed the R8 Adventures at the British Motor Museum.

Photos And Videos

Before I start the article, If you're interested in getting full-resolution images and Videos of your Audi R8's on my Linktree Page. It would support my channel and help maintain the constant high-quality content.


After providing Paul with a video of his R8 Adventures stand at TRAX Silverstone 2021, he asked me, "Would you provide photographic and video footage from my R8 Adventures meet at British Motor Museum on October 24th?" I replied with, "yes, please!"

Paul emailed me, "could you use my R8 Adventures logo as a watermark for the videos and pictures?" I replied to Paul with, "yes, please. Please can you provide a PNG/JPG?"

After providing Paul with my phone number and address to send the wristbands, Jonny and I planned the timetable video shoot/photoshoot. Things we considered were:

  • What time do we have to head out to the British Motor Museum?

  • What scenes do Jonny and I need to prioritise with our content? I.e. filming the Audi R8's arriving?

  • When do the Audi R8's leave the meet?

  • What areas are we going to film/photograph the Audi R8's?

Jonny and I sent our timetable outline to Paul, discussing what we're planning to do for the R8 British Motor Museum car meet.

A day before the photoshoot/video shoot, Jonny improved the trolly to make our film equipment easier to carry around the event and more ergonomic.


Audi R8 V10 MK1 | R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum
Audi R8 V10 MK1 | R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum

While Jonny set up the Edelkrone Video equipment, I grabbed my new Ronin S-C Gimbal and headed to film the Audi R8 at the British Motor Museum's entrance. Yeah.

After filming, the Audi R8's entering the meet (with presence), I began getting abstract clips of the R8's for texture for the full-length R8 Adventures video and individual videos for the R8 owners.

While swapping the Sony A7III plus the Gimbal for the Nikon D850, I asked how Jonny was doing with Edelkrone JibOne. Jonny mentioned, "the JibOne lacked slack, so I need to increase the tension. Thus we get a smoother arc for the videos."

I noticed the clouds clearing away. Thus Luke's Matt Psycodelic wrap popped phenomenally. I knew I had to photograph the R8/move the film trolly before the clouds set in and Jonny to stage and film a few scenes of the Audi. Times ticking!

After getting a few shots of the Audi R8's for commission/magazine publications, I swapped my Nikon D850 for the Sony A7III to film the R8 Adventures walkaround video.

Once I completed filming the R8 Adventures British Motor Museum Meet Walkthrough, I started to film establishing clips of the Audi R8's and record some detail shots of the Audis for some flair to the videos.

Paul notified Jonny and me, "the Audi R8's are planning on leaving the meet? Please could you get pictures and videos of the Audi R8's leaving the event with finesse?"

I said, "sure!" Jonny couldn't get any leaving shots of the Audi R8's but had more freedom and space to film the Audi R8's at the meet. So, when I filmed the R8's leaving the meet, I aimed to create stable yet engaging clips of the Audi's leaving the meet. Indeed!

Dan came up to me and asked, "please can you record my Audi R8 V8 leaving the event. Please could you also include the soundtrack of my ModStock exaughts?" I replied with, "sure."

I placed the mic on my Sony A7III's hotspot, and the Gimbal dealt with the situation excellently! I also recorded other Audi R8's engines sounding angelic, leaving the event too! Vrooom!

After filming most Audi R8's leaving the meet, I finished my last section of filming and photographing at the R8 Adventures British Motor Museum to provide Paul with a higher yet vast quality of picture and video content for social media. Exciting.

Editing The Video

Audi R8 V10 Plus Sonoma Green | R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum
Audi R8 V10 Plus Sonoma Green | R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum

Later in the evening, I placed the Sony A9 and Sony A7III's camera cars into video files for the R8 Adventure's folder. Then, I created a Premiere Pro project where I separated the clips and logo to have a fast workflow.

I began a 30-second video of the R8 Adventures to entice Paul with a snippet of what Jonny and I've filmed. Less is more. I later produced a one-minute highlight video of the Audi R8, so I have more creativity with the reel.

I produced individual videos of the Audi R8 owners cars during the one minute video, so the drivers have a fun souvenir of their day at the British Motor Museum.

Unfortunately, I installed Windows 11 without thinking, which corrupted my laptop, so I couldn't edit pictures and videos as productively.

I needed a plan to sort out my laptop. So, I reverted to Windows 10 and messaged text support, and a few days later, a tech engineer swapped my motherboard for a new one.

I had extra drive from not editing pictures and videos. So I went back to the R8 Adventures project on Premiere Pro to craft an engaging 15-minute film of the Audi R8 event at the British Motor Museum.

On the penultimate day of editing, I discovered colour grading, which provided me with a more cinematic touch to the clips of the Audi R8 at the British Motor Museum meet. Delightful!

After stabilising, colour grading, and rendering the videos, I wanted a breezy Lo-Fi soundtrack for the movie so that I could have a laid-back ambience.

I imported the soundtracks to Audition to give less stimulating touch audio with reverb and lowered the pitch for an easy-going viewing experience.

I also needed to plan the excellent sound of each Audi R8, leaving the meet with a dramatic flair (when I had my camera microphone). Music would damper the drama of the Audi's. For sure!


Audi R8 V8 MK1 | R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum
Audi R8 V8 MK1 | R8 Adventures | British Motor Museum

What did I learn filming the R8 Adventures at the British Motor Museum? Filming. More than recording - From editing a mix of pictures and clips of the Audi R8's to planning a minimalist timetable for the R8 Adventures meet.

Please can I thank Paul for allowing me to film and photograph at the R8 Adventure's British Motor Museum and kindly providing Jonny and me wristbands to the Museum.

Thank you to Dan for supporting me and purchasing a video and picture of his classy Audi R8.


What's your favourite Audi R8 in my video? Let me know in the comments below and share my pictures on your social media channels if you've learned about videography.

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