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Hampson Auctions Time-Lapse | Concorde Conference Centre

Hampson Auctions | Concorde Conference Centre | Time-Lapse | Classic Car Auction | Car Auction | Concorde Air Hanger | Event Videography | Manchester Airport
Hampson Auctions | Concorde Conference Centre | Time-Lapse

Are you ready to see how I Filmed this Time-Lapse at the Hampson Auctions Concorde Conference Centre? Yup. Here's how I filmed the Time-Lapse.

Before I Filmed The Hampson Auctions Time-Lapse

A few weeks before the Hampson Auctions Concorde Conference Centre event, Jonny and I wanted to do a set-up video of the cars arriving at the venue on the first day.

Jonny called Laurel at Hampson Auctions, asking, "Please can I film the time-lapse and help move the cars at the sale?" Laurel said, "yes, please. Zach wanted to do a time-lapse of the cars arriving into the auction to promote the event on social media".

I mentioned, "What about using both of the GoPro Hero10s to record the event from two-angles? It'll make the video more engaging and get more coverage from the venue".

A few weeks later, we placed the film and photography equipment into the van, ready for the Hampson Auctions Concorde Conference Centre shoot at 7 AM.

Once Jonny and I said hello to Zach, Jonny attached one of the GoPro's to the Metal scaffolding of the front window and the other GoPro to the centre of the building.

How I Filmed The Hampson Auctions Time-Lapse

We didn't have too much with the GoPro Hero10s other than having a battery connected, frame and film. That gave Jonny the chance to move the cars into the venue and for me to photograph the event to document an exciting story.

Laurel came up to me and said, "Hi Joe. Please can you get some establishing shots for the event? It helps provide potential vendors and buyers with an atmosphere for the event. Can you also get pictures of people working at the event and buyers having a great time at the auctions?"

I said, "Sure. That's what my Photography Tutor notified me. Jonny set up some GoPro's to record a time-lapse of the cars arriving into the hanger to share on social media. When would you like particular pictures and photos by?" Laurel said, "for the pictures and Time-Lapse around 1 PM."

Around Noon, I imported my photos up to Noon onto my external hard drive of the event, and Jonny removed the GoPros to import Time-Lapse clips of the auction. My briefing was to create an:

  • Engaging 60-second Time-Lapse for social media.

  • Edited three establishing pictures of the event (lots of cars).

How I Edited The Hampson Auctions Time-Lapse

I had 45 minutes to edit the time-lapse video at Hampson Auctions. Time's ticking! I began asking for Jonny's phone as a hotspot since the venue didn't have Wi-Fi (why!).

Then I renamed the files and imported the videos into a folder in Adobe Premiere Pro to make the clips easier to manage. I started with a front angle showcasing the fantastic vistas and Concorde.

A few seconds later, I spliced another angle showing a new perspective of the event and the cars parking at the sales. Then I went back to the previous GoPro showing more cars arriving into the air hanger.

Towards the halfway mark of the video, I cut part of the clip because the time-lapse felt slow. For the final scene of the time-lapse, I wanted to showcase the Bristol 404 and Ford Sierra Cosworth RS because there massive draws to the auction.

Next, I placed a jazzy soundtrack because it matches the event's stature and is relevant for Hampson Auctions' audience. Finally, I rendered and exported the GoPro footage to Laurel and Zach for the Hampson Auction social media websites.


Do you agree with the statement - Simple is best. Though it's impressive using rigs and dollys to film cars, sometimes an engaging time-lapse are better suited for your viewers and clients.


What's your favourite car in my time-lapse? Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your social media channel/s if you're excited about videography.

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