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How car magazines made be a better automotive photographer

Do you want to know how car magazines made a better automotive photographer? Yup. You're in luck - keep watching my video to find out how car magazines made a better automotive photographer.

Car Magazines

Nearly a decade ago, I began reading car magazines when My Grandma brought me an Autocar magazine. Though it was a Christmas special, I loved reading the specs of the cars and how the vehicle drove.

Throughout the year's My Mum brought me subscriptions to Autocar and Top Gear Magazines. I didn't much note into the rendering and photographs of the cars. I'm more interested in the supercar news. Exciting!

How I got interested in car photography/illustrations

Speed Read Car Design Book
Speed Read Car Design Book

In January 2018, After visiting the Ferrari Exhibition at the London Design Museum. My Father brought me Speed Read Car Design: The History, Principles and Concepts Behind Modern Car Design.

I got to learn the basics of car designs and textures. Thus the book gave me a better understanding of how to draw realistic side profiles of cars. Yeah.

A couple of months later, I purchased Top Gear Portfolio 2019 because the cover interested me.

Top Gear Portfolio 2019

Alpine A110 | Front three quarter poster | Oulton Park
Alpine A110 | Front three quarter poster | Oulton Park

Though the captions were so-so, the pictures of the cars made up for it, whether that's a glorious picture of the Alpine A110 at Monte Carlo and more. Yay!

I enjoyed studying the pictures for many months during the evenings and break times at school. At the time, I began to photograph cars in real life.

How to get better at automotive photography using car magazines

Car Magazines
Car Magazines

Social media gives you access to billions of car pictures. There's a low bar. When you've got magazines such as VWG Magazine or Fast, these publications have a bigger budget. Thus you get higher quality content from professional photographers.

Suppose you were to purchase quality car magazines. I'd consider EVO Or Top Gear, Whether your a beginner car photographer attempting to homage a front-three-quarter photo of the car or a complex camera of the subject.

Top Gear and EVO Magazine
Top Gear and EVO Magazine

Places I recommend for you to practice your car shots would be is on your games console for a low-risk environment to experiment with your photography. Or at a car showroom if you prefer the stimuli.


TVR Tuscan | Rear poster
TVR Tuscan | Rear poster

For the last two years, I've improved my automotive photography using car magazines. Though, I'd recommend buying Speed Read Car Design - Or, How to Photograph Cars by James Mann to learn theories and find the best angles when photographing cars. Indeed!

I've found automotive magazine publication's higher quality (physical or digital) pictures to replicate on the console or in real life. Keep practising with your shots.


What's your favourite car magazine? Max Power. Let me know in the comments below, and share this video on your social media channels if you've found it helpful.

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