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Do you want to know I schedule my social media content? Yes. Keep reading to find out how I plan my social media content. Car Photography Edition.

Why do I plan my social media content?

Audi RS4 Avant | Misano Red | Front three quarters poster

I schedule my social media content to maximise my productivity and keep posting a picture a day. I don't want to drop the hot potato. If I burn out or feel Ill, I've got still got content to post, so I reduce my stress levels. Bonus!

When I'm splitting my time on photographing cars, writing articles and producing videos - I need a workflow that helps me produce quality posts without distracting from my other endeavours.

How do I plan my social media content?

Cupra Ateca | White | Rear three quarter poster

I schedule my social media content out by writing out a skeleton structure into four weeks. My photography tutor told me I should theme my content around a sub-culture to gain an engaged audience. For example, it could be an Audi week or British Car week.

After I plan what theme I want to add to my schedule, I place the individual cars and choose different angles. It could be a rear three quarter Cupra Ateca on a Tuesday or a front end shot of the Seat Leon Cupra on a Friday.

Seat Leon Cupra | Mystery Blue | Front poster

How do I write my social media content?

Toyota Altezza | Cashmere | Front three quarter poster

Once I select my pictures, I start by asking a question about the car/s:

  • Where would you want to drive this car?

  • Do you love the paintwork on this vehicle?

  • Would you choose the subject or cash?

  • What word would you describe this car?

Though I inquire about more subjects in my post, asking the viewer about a question builds up a rapport. And increases engagement - sounds like a win-win.

Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO | Monza Red | Rear three quarters poster

Afterwards, I've got more flexibility, and I can describe the features of the car. Or tell a short story using my senses. For example, "If you love dramatic rainfall and twisty roads - This Delta EVO Integrale is ready to tackle this road with finesse."

If I listed off specs on my posts, it would come off as if I'm a robot scanning through lists. I'm better painting an incredible atmosphere, including the subject as part of the scene using words.

Vauxhall Astra Coupe Bertone | Titan Orange | Front three quarters poster

Once I finished off penning my and added the hashtags to posts, I copy the writing then paste my words onto Google notes. Later, to share on Instagram. I recommend you to use Hootsuite when scheduling your social media content.


BMW M4 Convertible | Twilight Purple | Rear three quarters

Having a backlog of pictures spanned out for days is an excellent feeling. However, if you're writing a post per day, you feel as if you're a headless chicken.

If you're posting a daily picture to your channel while balancing other commitments, it can get tricky. Indeed.

Schedule your posts into a four-week skeleton structure and theme your pictures into 7-day themes. After that, I start asking the audience a question surrounding the subject.

Once I wrote the query, I respond to the question creatively and uniquely. Whether I'm talking about how great value the vehicle is or describing the car's driving dynamics.


How do you schedule your social media Content? Let me know in the comments below and share my post with any creators how might find this helpful video. Check out my Member's Club if you want to improve your photography workflow.

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