How do I schedule my car photography social media content | 2021 Edition

Lotus Evora GT410 Sport Aspen White | Lotus Northwich

What's the most vital skill for car photography schedule for 2021? If your pictures are excellent, you need a way to plan your content for social media.

Why do I plan my automotive photography posts?

Honda E | Platinum White Pearl | Rear three quarters poster

When I started my Vivid Auto Photography channel, my goal was to post a picture every day on my Instagram channel.

I had no room to be inefficient if I were to publish my content. Indeed. So, I had to find a way on how to publish content daily on my channel, so Instagram boosts my work.

How do I Plan my car photography content?

Once, I bring my pictures into Adobe Lightroom. I know what pictures I love to edit (exciting cars behind a clean background).

Kia Stinger GT-Line | Snow White Pearl | Front poster

After, I edit my images on Photoshop. I save two/three versions of the picture.

  • Watermarked photo - Use for social media.

  • Unwatermarked photo - To share to the owner of the vehicle.

  • Full-resolution image - Pictures for print.

Mazda MX-5 RF | Blue Reflex Mica | Front three quarters

Then, I create a folder where I outline what I want to feature on my social media channels into five weeks.

Each day, I chose a different angle of another to add variety to my social media channel. After choosing the car; I love to ask these questions about the vehicle:

Do you love the spec on this car?

Where do you want to drive this motor?

What feeling do you get from this vehicle?

How do you describe this car?

Would you choose blank over black? I.e. BMW M2 Competition over £40,000.

After asking a question about the motor, I love to add to the question of the vehicle, by adding describing why I like the car, by describing a detail of the subject or scenery.

Once, I draft my post. I add my 20 - 30 hashtags for my Instagram channel. More specifically targeting the niches of the:

Car model

Car manufacturer

Car Club - Area/Manufactuer

Paint job

When you add the hashtags to the post; I copy the posts to Google Keep. So, I can use my post for a later date. I also schedule my content for Facebook on another day.


Audi RS3 Sportback | Black | Front Poster

If you want you to get noticed, I recommend being prolific and posting quality content every day on your social media sites. Brands take you more serious, your fans retained by your content and it helps build your network.

Also, if you live a busy life (Exams/Workplace), you can lower stress and burnout by scheduling content in advance.

Do you like to schedule your social media content? Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your channels if you've found this article useful. Goodbye.

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