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How I Filmed A Ford Fiesta ST-Line MK8 In Stoke

Ford Fiesta ST-Line MK8 Frozen White | Cars Of Stoke
Ford Fiesta ST-Line MK8 Frozen White | Cars Of Stoke

Do you want to know how I filmed this Frozen White Ford Fiesta ST-Line MK8 in Stoke? Yes. Same here - Welcome to how I filmed this Fiesta ST-Line in Stoke.

Before I Filmed This Ford Fiesta ST-Line

A day before we filmed this Ford Fiesta ST-Line, Jonny bought a remote for the Sony A9/A7III to perform wireless photography and video while we drive.

The remote had inconsistent results with getting random shots of meh cars instead of capturing engaging rolling shots of performance cars on the dual-carriageway. We had an issue!

I initially thought the problem was the remote itself, but that theory didn't hold water. I visited many metaphorical dead ends out why the remote was unpredictable, and this thought came up in my head.

"Why do I get lousy reception when I go to a massive supermarket? Is it because the premises is a Faraday Cage? Can we remove some metal in the van?" Jonny agreed!

We removed the metal between the cabin so the remote is more responsive, and Jonny set up the Sony and the GoPro Hero 10's on the camera rig.

Filming this Ford Fiesta ST-Line

After many drab miles on the dual carriageways, Jonny headed towards Eturia, and we began to film this Ford Fiesta ST-Line. Thankfully the GoPros' had a fantastic setup with the Sony A9. Lights camera action.

We started at the roundabout heading to the third junction, where we entered the edges of Hanley. I knew we had an issue with the flickering headlights, but that was a frequency issue. I was more excited about the aerial GoPro footage.

When we headed toward some traffic lights, Jonny asked me, "Can you photograph the Ford Fiesta?" I said, "sure". I switched the video mode to photo mode while keeping the GoPro recording.

I reverted the Sony A9 to movie mode at the next traffic lights, ready for the next junction. We accidentally passed the exit, but we got a fantastic ending scene of the Fiesta ST-Line entering the junction.

How I Edited The Video Of This Ford Fiesta ST-Line

After we filmed the Ford Fiesta ST-Line, Jonny and I headed home. I imported the film and pictures from the Sony A9 and GoPro Hero 10's to prep the content for later use.

I headed to Premiere Pro a few days later and imported my clips into the project folder. Again, I found the Sony A9 and GoPro Hero10 footage to improve my video quality.

I wanted a straightforward narrative of the Ford Fiesta ST-Line heading up Hanley with finesse. So, I began with a detail clip of the Fiesta ST-Line entering the sat-nav, then I spliced in the GoPro footage for a dynamic feel. Yeah!

I went back to the Sony A9 heading into Hanely due to the bokeh and cinematic touch to the film. Then towards the traffic lights, I swapped to the GoPro for a more breathtaking landscape to the video.

Then, I spliced the footage for a more dynamic touch to the film at the second set of traffic lights. Towards the junction, I swapped the GoPro footage to the Sony A9 Footage for a more dramatic ending. Voilà!

I wanted a more dramatic nighttime feel, so I colour graded the footage for a better atmosphere. I later reduced the hue of the video because it didn't look accurate.

I needed to stabilise the Sony A9 footage for a less bumpy look and later slowed the footage for a more cinematic touch.


Can you make the ordinary extraordinary? Yup. Though my videography dream is to film classics and supercars, you've got to go down to earth and film everyday cars.


What's your favourite scene in my Ford Fiesta ST-Line video? Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your social media channel/s I've inspired you.

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