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How I Filmed A Mercedes-Benz S500 L At Mercedes-Benz Cheshire Oaks

Mercedes-Benz S500 L | Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks
Mercedes-Benz S500 L | Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks

How did I film this Mercedes-Benz S500 L at Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks? Yeah. Me too - Here's how I've filmed this S500 L at Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks.

Pre-Filming Mercedes S500 L

Before I filmed the Mercedes S500 L inside Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks, I did some videos of Mercedes outside of the showroom. I went into the dealer and asked the receptionist, "Hi, I'm Joe. Please can I film and photograph inside your dealership?"

The receptionist said, "I'll ask the manager if you can film and photograph around the showroom." Mark, the manager, said, "you can film inside the dealer, but not with the cars with registration plates". I said, "Thank you, Mark!"

How I Filmed The Mercedes S500 L At Mercedes-Benz Cheshire Oaks

I explored the showroom for dynamic B-Roll footage to add some flavour to the Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks video. Tasty! Towards the end of the showroom, I came across a classy Mercedes S500 L?

I thought, "I can make an engaging video of this S500 L." So I began by filming a front, rear three quarter and rear angle of the S500 for establishing video shots.

After that, I began some detailed exterior shots of the Mercedes-Benz S500 L because I wanted a more cinematic feel in touch with the Mercedes S500 L tour video. Yeah.

Later on, Mark asked a Mercedes-Benz Cheshire Oaks staff member to unlock the Mercedes S500 L and said to me, "you can film and photograph the S500 L's lavish interior."

I said, "thank you!" Then, I started filming from outside the front driver's door, showing the dashboard's opulency and mood lighting. Funky. After that, I went over to open the front passenger door to film the air vents to show the craftsmanship of the S500 L.

Finally, I went to the S500 L's back to complete establishing shots of the S Class's dashboard and refreshing the panoramic roof. I had to get a scene of the S500 L's comfy leather cushion in the back.

After filming the Mercedes S500 L, I did a lighting shot for the beginning B-Roll shot of the video. I thanked Mark for saying, "it was super fun filming and photographing the S500 L in the showroom.

I recently got some Edelkrone equipment for doing cinematic shots of cars. It's very bulky equipment,". Mark said, "cool! No wonder why you need a van to carry the equipment. Has your Dad owned a Mercedes?"

I replied, "Jonny owned a Mercedes-Benz C350E Hybrid. Though the interior was comfy, he bought a Lexus LS400 and a Hyundai i30N Performance. Which I later learned to drive stick."

How I Edited The Video Of The Mercedes S500 L

I began by importing my Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks files to a folder in Premiere Pro. I knew I wanted to start with a striking clip to begin the video.

After beginning with a B-Roll shot, I started with an establishing shot with the S500 L, looking grand in the dealership. Then, I placed a detailed shot of the S500 L's headlight, showcasing the prowess of the Mercedes.

A few seconds later, I inserted a panning video of the S500 L's C-Pillar describing the length of the S-Class's side profile. Exciting! After getting a couple of scenes of the Mercedes S500 L's interior, I wanted to edit some videos of the opulent interior.

I placed a clip of the S500 L's front driver's door welcoming my audience to explore the S-Class's interior. Though I did some detailed interior footage of the Mercedes for B-Roll, I moved to the back to find more angles and showcase the panoramic roof.

I finished the Mercedes-Benz S500 L video with a taillight shot, bringing the showcase full-circle. Finally, I colour-graded the footage to top off the video, giving the clips my signature cinematic touch.


Have you seen a Mercedes-Benz S500 L? Nope. Same here - Until I saw this S-Class in Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks. The graceful side profile to the customisable vibrant mood lighting - the skies are the limit. Thank you, Mark and the Mercedes-Benz Of Cheshire Oaks staff, for making this article possible.


What's your favourite detail of this Mercedes-Benz S500 L? Mood Lighting. Let me know in the comments below and share my article on your social media channel/s if I've piqued your interest.

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