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How to achieve 250,000 views with car photography on Google Maps

Why would you want to achieve 250,000 views with your car photography on Google Maps? Not sure. If used correctly, Google Maps can give traction to your hobby/business.

Note: I'm not affiliated/paid by Google/other companies that I recommend in this article, nor is this a guaranteed way to achieve lots of views on Google Maps.

How to gain views on Google Maps

I know you want ideas to help you gain views on Google Maps. But first, let's go into what the contributor levels mean on Google Maps.

  • Level 1: 0 points

  • Level 2: 15 points

  • Level 3: 75 points

  • Level 4: 250 points with a badge (Become a Local Guide)

  • Level 5: 500 points with a new badge

  • Level 6: 1,500 points with a new badge

  • Level 7: 5,00 points with a new badge

  • Level 8: 15,000 points with a new badge

  • Level 9: 50,000 points with a new badge

  • Level 10: 100,000 points with the highest badge

Depending on the content you post on Google Maps:

  • Reviews: 10 points; 10 more for reviews over 200 words

  • Photos: 5 points

  • Answers: 1 point

  • Videos: 7 points

  • Ratings: 1 point

  • Edits: 5 points

  • Places: 15 points (for areas and roads)

  • Fact checks: 1 point

  • Q&A answers: 3 points

You'll get a certain amount of views depending on the content.

Add location data.

Before I post my photos on to Google Maps, I use GeoImgr to plot GPS coordinates to tell Google where the Image's shot. Geotagging helps the algorithm to prioritise your content.

Plus, the website is free to use. If, you want to support GeoImgr purchase the Pro license.

Post photos daily.

It's the same with social media - post photos daily. The reason is to give so more people to discover your portfolio. And, you level up faster on Google Maps.

Add helpful reviews about the places you've visited.

Adding useful reviews about places you've visited on Google Maps. Before you write your review. Ask these questions:

  • Were the staff knowledgeable about their products?

  • Was the staff Welcoming?

  • Was the environment clean?

  • Did you have a fantastic time at that place?

  • What vehicles did they have stock?

Be, honest and kind with your reviews. It'll tell the dealerships on what they've done right and on how they can improve their experience.

Also, if you write a 200-plus word review (20 points) and add pictures of the location (5 points each photo), Google Maps will prioritise your content.

Why I use Google Maps

The reason I use Google Maps is that my content has the most substantial amount of views than my social media channels. I can post directly to the places I've been and what people I want to see the pictures.

If you're looking for engagement with your audience; Instagram and Facebook is your key.

To make the most out of Google Maps is to reach level 4 (250 points). Once you've become a Local Guide Google Maps, pushes your content in the algorithm.


If you want to achieve 250,000 views on Instagram is to post, quality photos, tagging your images. And, to write honest/valuable review 200+word reviews.

These tips can transfer into other genres: I.e. Doggie day Centre or your local gardens.

Comment down if you've found this article useful? The citations are in the comments below. If you enjoy this article, please share on your social media pages.

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