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How to boost your editing productivity in Adobe Photoshop 2020

Do you want to get ahead 99-percent of people by boosting your editing productivity on Adobe Photoshop? If you need to supercharge your workflow on Photoshop - here are my suggestions.

Start with quality photos

Blurry Picture of Golden Retrievers
Here's a dud photo

Your images need the Wow Factor before you touch them. If the Pooche's eyes are blurry, or, the car is out of focus - delete them.

If the framing in your photo is off; Try again. It takes unnecessary time to crop, collect your image when you can do it in-camera.

Sort out your files/name your files

Generic naming for a folder
Speediness isn't key with files

After your busy day of capturing vibrant photographs in the city, then import your photos on your computer and chuck them into new folder (32).

Classify your files out into categories (i.e. Cars Photoshoot > 200118_Hyundai)_i30N_Performance_Mist. Having sensible file names helps your workflow in the long-term.

Have a clear vision

If you don't have a vision before you edit the picture, it will take time to find a reference. Whether that's monochrome, tri-colour or colour. Or how you'll crop it.

Do you want this photograph square, wide-screen or poster orient? It's important.

Take a break

I know! It seems counter-productive, but taking a break from your editing session can boost your capacity. Whether that's by taking a walk outside or giving your pet's attention. It makes a world of difference.

Getting creative burnout, feeling sluggish and missing the granular details leads to an unsatisfying content.

Having a 15-minute then 5-minute rest timetable helped me out immeasurably. Indeed!

Watch tutorials on Adobe Photoshop

Imagine living in a world without the internet? All these free tutorials on You-Tube you'd have to pay for or, get tuition from a photographer.

From the convenience of your home; and if you connect to the internet - there's a wealth of Photoshop tutorials on editing styles and shortcuts what can open a world of opportunities. Only one condition - are you ready to soak up the knowledge?

Here's what I recommend.

Think about the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule is an essential mindset to have when editing your works. Smoothing out the blemishes in your composite takes a lot of time and doesn't matter when people glance at your artwork.

By taking the 80/20 mindset, you can capture more photos of what you love, discover new styles to edit and to get more clients.


After a year of taking photos of dogs and cars - I've learnt that productivity is the key to maximise your time on Photoshop.

You and I have a finite amount of time to complete our projects. Spend your time wisely!

If you've my article on maximising productivity useful, comment down below. If you have any ideas on how to use photoshop even better - tell me in the comments below.

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