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How to build connection with your car photography

Do you wonder how to build your connections with your car photography hobby/career? Yes! Keep reading my article on how to make connections in your automotive photography journey. It's not what you know - It's who you know.

Porsche 911 Carrera S | Front three quarters | Home
Porsche 911 Carrera S | Front three quarters | Home

You don't need to visit car dealerships to capture fantastic photos: Whether it's your car, friends and family's prized motor. It never hurts to ask if you can photograph your communities autos. I recommend starting the conversation with "can I photograph your car?" You may even ask to wash/detail their vehicle as long as they want quality pictures, and you can have fun in the process. Its a win-win deal! Find a local car meet.

Car meets are a fantastic place to see a variety of vehicles, interact with the owner's who are passionate about their car and to build on your portfolio. I've met people from car meets by taking pictures of their vehicle to ask the story of their build. As a bonus, the drivers might want a photoshoot of their motors. And introduce you to other events. Visit car dealerships

Disclaimer: figure out when the car dealerships have sales events to avoid limited space to photograph and lots of customers getting in the way of the frame. When building my portfolio, visiting one, or two automotive showrooms got me the chance to photography many thrilling cars. Yeah! Before you visit any car dealerships, you must look neat. From a tidy haircut, jeans and smart shoes. Appearing you've taken time to look tidy, showroom staff perceive you seriously. Most dealerships are alright with you photographing the cars, but it's good to ask. If the dealership likes your photos/your personality, they will refer you to the marketing to share your photos. If you had a fantastic time photographing the cars at the dealership - next time you visit the dealership thank them by printing your images. Conclusion

Trying to build a list of contacts for your car photography doesn't need to be tough. Ask you, friends and family, if they want their autos photographed. It's also useful, visiting your local car meets to photograph the autos, and learn about the owners build. Finally, visit your local car dealerships, they've got any thrilling stock to shoot. Comment down if you've found this article useful? If you've enjoyed my article, please share my post on your social media page. Goodbye.

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