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How To Find Inspiration In Car Photography | Vivid Auto Photography

If you don't know where to start to find car photography/taking pictures in general? Or, want ideas to spark your hobby? I've got suggestions on where you can find inspiration in car photography.

Try another genre

Golden Retriever Sunset

I started taking pictures of my dogs for an Instagram page. From the dogs relaxing to the pooches playing in the park - I had a fun time of switching my strategy.

Many of your skills from other categories, can translate well into capturing images of motors.

Follow other car photographers.

Creating an Instagram account to discover other people in our community helped me inspiration before my photoshoots.

Mike Kuhn Racing Instagram Feed
Mike Kuhn Racing Instagram Feed

Don't just follow the popular channels in the car photography community. Observe and interact with users on their posts.

What works do I view/read?

What content inspires me to take photos of cars is the Top Gear Portfolio | 2019 and How to Photograph Cars by James Mann.

The Top Gear Portfolio had breathtaking images of cars across the world.

How to Photograph Cars helped me understand to learn composition, location shooting and studio photoshoots.

Finally, if you want edit stunning photos on Lightroom, I recommend watching Moe Zainal - How To Edit Car Photos in Adobe Lightroom tutorial.


I hope my blog gives you the impulse to go and take of your motors. I challenge you to explore new ways to find inspiration and let us know what spurred you on.

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Thank you for Mike Kuhn Racing, Ty L Auto Photography and Nikiforov Sergey Photo for letting me use your photos.

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