How to get started in car photography | 2020 Edition

Do you like to take photos of cars? If you're confused about where to start, here are my thoughts on how to start car photography.

Where do I take photos?

If you want to take photos of a variety of exciting motors, I recommend to visit a showroom or visit a car meet. Note: ask the receptionist to ask if you can take photos around the dealership.

Alternatively, if you've got a friend who has a car, ask them if you can take photos of their automobile.

What equipment should I use?

You don't need a Nikon D850 to take awesome car photos. I've seen decent images taken with a phone camera.

BMW 428 | Shot on Nikkor 28mm f2.8l Ai S

Lamborghini Urus rear three quarters | Shot on 50 f1.8l Ai S

If you want decent camera equipment that doesn't break the bank, I recommend a Nikon D3300 with a 28mm and 50mm manual lens to understand sharpness.

How do I take photos of cars?

Shoot to car's perspective

Go down low to the hight of the car. Taking a photo from eye-level doesn't translate and looks jolty.

This is a photo from eye-level perspective

Let's talk about angles. Classic perspective includes a front/rear three-quarter angle, front and back, Finally a side profile.

Front three quarters

Rear three quarters

Front Face

Rear bumper

Side profile

If you want to do something different or not don't have enough space - macro shots are here to the rescue. Other ideas include a badge shot, taillight and curves that intrigue you.


Badge shot



The best advice I could give you is to stay safe and to keep taking photos of cars. Once, a week/bi-weekly, you'll see that you are taking better pictures.

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