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How to network in the car industry when you've got autism

Do you want to know how to network in the car industry when you've got autism? Here's how I network within the car industry.


Autism is a spectrum. Many people have strengths and weaknesses - Whether it's their extensive knowledge of a subject. Or communicating in a stressful situation.

One of the issues you have to overcome with autism is communicating and explaining your goals clearly.

Why network when you're autistic?

The statement "build it - they will come" is false. You've got to market and advertise, so people take note. Apple didn't make the iPhone without finding how it can improve the mobile phone market.

Most people without autism can't communicate properly. They get carried away with many subjects - Instead of simplifying and keeping to one or two ideas.

Whether you're an automotive photographer or software architect: you've likely found a niche and do it incredibly well.

How to network when you're autistic - Offline

Whether I'm visiting car dealerships or, car meets my main objective is to photograph the subjects excellently. My second goal is to speak to the car owner or find the marketing manager to showcase my pictures.

Having contact with a social media person or marketer gives me a massive advantage over my rivals when I provide them with quality content.

Finally, practice a neutral stance, have a quality haircut and wear a tidy suit. So, you feel like a winner and show the company/dealership that you're going to provide value. The person's first impression of you is what you like - not what you say.

If you're phenomenal at repairing a specific vehicle/s, you need to talk to garages, friends and car clubs and discuss why you like cars.

How to network when you're autistic - Online

The internet provides a platform to showcase what you do the best. Whether you're creating an exciting assortment of pictures, you've taken at a car meet. Or film how you've fixed a car.

Covid-19 Pandemic's taught us that we need a fantastic profile online where clients can see what you've done. I've even had companies that asked me to photograph cars at their dealership.

Tough people might bully you through the comment section, ignore, block and report them. They don't need to take up Real-Estate in your head. Carry on.


It's hard for most people to network in any industry. Nevermind people with autism. You've got pivot and adapt to find your sub-genre. I've tried eight times to find what I'm great.

The edge autism gives me is an extra drive to discover new opportunities and learn rapidly at things I like.

The advent of digital photography, videography, the internet and social media gave people on the spectrum a massive levelling-field.

Have a long term plan of where you want to go, whether it's getting your dream job, becoming financially independent or building your brand from your niche. Thumbs up!


Have you got any advice on how to network when you've got autism? Let me know in the comments below, subscribe. Check out my Member's Club - If you want to improve your photography or workflow.

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