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How to starting planning your car photography plans after COVID-19

Are you starting to plan your car photography plans for 2020, and beyond? After the dust has settled; and life goes back to (somewhat) normal. Here are my ideas for planning your car photography journey after COVID-19.

Before we get into the article, you need to take care of yourself, family, friends and broader community. Your hobby is second to your jobs and bills.

Maintain your camera

Time to Maintain your Camera
Time to Maintain your Camera

It's the perfect time to format your memory card, charge those camera batteries and sort out your files properly.

Why? Starting a new page and organising your pictures into folders, makes your device run faster. And you can have more space on your camera. Awesome!

Create a database about people you've met and places you've been.

Since you're stuck at home, it's now the perfect time to create a database on what people you've met and what places you've been.

It's good because you can remember the person's name. Thus, creating trust. Also, If someone's done a favour for you, i.e. let you photograph the car, or move the vehicle you can remember their contact and give them the print.

It's time to get out the Spreadsheet/Word Processor Document. What I recommend adding in your document is;

  • Date and time

  • Who you met

  • The person's business card/contact

  • What you talked about

  • What vehicles do you want to photograph?

Increase your following on social media.

Within the last decade, social media has, thankfully becomes more accessible. Thus, bringing many communities across the globe, closer together.

From people, I've talked to from car meets. And, the staff I've asked permission if I can take pictures in the dealership.

I interact with content I find engaging and comment If I can add, or create a conversation. Finally, with your posts, tag (*insert*) car manufactures fan page and use niche/relevant #hashtags.

I recommend you to;

  • Follow channel's you're affiliated

  • Keep posting posts in your community

  • Interact with people posts with relevant comments

  • Use hashtags related to the post

Plan what events you want to photograph.

Now! It's time to plan for what events you want to photograph for 2020 whether that's your local car meet or any massive motor show.

Most local car meets are pleased when you take photos of their cars and ask their permission.

With the significant events, you've got to write an email to the promoter stating what your purpose is for the festival.

Create a post asking if anyone wants a car photoshoot.

When the government says, COVID-19's under control, (6 months plus). Create a post asking if your fanbase if they want their car to have a photoshoot.

If you don't ask your community if they want pictures of their prized motors, you're missing out on possibilities.


I know planning your photography journey seems tiresome. But you've got to start outlining your strategy to be ahead of the curve.

From maintaining your camera to creating data of what places you've been and people, you've seen.

Comment down what if you've got ideas for planning your car photography journey? If you've found this article useful, please share this article on your social media channel. Goodbye.

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