How to theme your car photography virtual gallery

Lotus Exige S | Krypton Green | Rear three quarter poster

Would you theme your car photography virtual gallery? Nope. You should - Whether you desire a higher quality article, or to make your pictures stand out; find out how I theme my car photography virtual gallery.

Why should you theme your virtual gallery?

Morgan Plus 6 | Ice Blue Metallic | Front three quarter poster

Having a theme provides a consistent and lets you tell a story through social media posts or gallery on your website. It's the glue that helps you stick the pictures on to the paper.

My photography tutor gave me advice on to theme my posts on my social media channels. I needed a more consistent collection of pictures to tell a story or compliment each other when people discover my channels.

On my website, where my biggest fans see my blog, I need my articles to be high-quality to retain viewers in my ecosystem.

Theming is the key: Whether I need to use pictures to illustrate what I'm writing. I.e. What's my favourite weather to photograph cars. Its sunset.

Citroen Saxo | Rear three quarters | Oulton Park

Or, want to use my content to tell stories and provide an atmosphere. I.e. How I got to photograph the JSCC event at Oulton Park or, my time photographing at a local supercar dealer.

How do I curate my photographic exhibit?

Volkswagen Polo TSi | Black | Front poster

I curate my photographic exhibit split into four types: time/date, location, car company/s and weather.

It's excellent when you get a collection of pictures that complement each other and have different aspect ratios to give a dynamic feel. You can even use your content as a virtual brochure.

I also love to target a specific audience/s, whether it's my BMW gallery or, Performance Cars of South Korea. I can better target a niche gallery than if I did a broad set of pictures. Indeed!


Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nurburgring Edition | Rear three quarters

Theming is the key to make your pictures stand out from the ocean of millions of photos. It's also great when potential clients and employees see your work. Its a digital business card.

It's also a great way to story tell and portray a lifestyle in when you write your posts on social media. And, if your fans love your content, they can see more in-depth-articles on your website. Then, you can sell your services.

How would you theme your car photography virtual gallery? Let me know in the comments below, and if you find my article useful. Please share my article on your social media channels.

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