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How to write car photography posts on Instagram

Do you want to know how to write car photography posts for Instagram? Or want some inspiration? Here are my ideas on how to write car photography posts on Instagram.

Write your posts in advance

If you are writing posts daily for Instagram/other social media sites time if you do it every day, it takes too much time.

To save time in the long-run with creating captions for your posts is to compose captions around seven days-in-advance. You'll save time!

Describe your photo in an exciting way to your audience

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Before you draft a caption for your photo - take a minute before you write it. While you're looking at the image; ask yourself these questions.

  • What was your first reaction seeing the motor?

  • What do you like about the car?

  • How was the weather, while you took pictures of the car?

  • Do you like the colour of the automobile?

Once you've asked these questions about your photo - start crafting unique and engaging captions for your content.

Ask your fans a question regarding the car

If; you want to increase engagement on your post and to create a link with your fanbase - asking your audience a particular thing about the car.

Whether that's:

  • Do they love the colour of the car?

  • Would you want to drive the automobile?

  • Would prefer to drive another vehicle over the car?

  • Whatever your query is to your audience - remember to keep it relevant and genuine.


If you use one of my three suggestions on how to write better car photography posts on Instagram - your content will stand out.

If you've got any ideas on how to write more engaging car photography posts on Instagram, comment down your thoughts. Share my post and On That Bombshell - Goodbye!

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