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Hyundai i20N Performance | Moat Hall Farm

Hyundai i20N Performance | Dragon Red Pearl | North Staffs Customs | Secret Society Moat Hall Farm April 2022 Meet
Hyundai i20N Performance | Dragon Red Pearl | North Staffs Customs | Secret Society Moat Hall Farm April 2022 Meet

Do you want to know how I filmed this Hyundai i20N Performance at the North Staffs Customs Moat Hall Farm stand? Yes. Me too - Here's how I filmed this i20N Performance.

Before I Filmed This Hyundai i20N

After videoing a vibrant Ara Blue Audi TTS at another car stand, I had a finite time filming a Dragon Red Pearl Hyundai i20N Performance at the Norths Staffs Customs Club stand before Ollie's Hyundai.

How I Filmed This Hyundai i20N

During the video shoot of Ollie's Hyundai i20N, there was another Dragon Red i30N Performance, which I planned for a solo video and mashup video with the Hyundai i20N.

The first scene I filmed of Ollie's i20N Performance was a front-three-quarter walkthrough. Then, I recorded a rear-three-quarter walkthrough of the Hyundai.

The third scene of the Hyundai i20N was of the front headlights and grill. I switched the focus to manual because the sun messed with the focus peaking. Finally, I recorded a taillight scene of the Hyundai i20N Performance to add more texture to the film.

How I Edited The Video Of This Hyundai i20N

I began by selecting the video clips of the Hyundai i20N to remove the unnecessary parts of the film and make it more engaging for my audience.

After splicing the clips, I colour graded all the film together with a preset, and I individually stabilised the video for later use. I re-imported the Hyundai i20N Performance videos into my stabilise folder to begin pacing the video. Exciting!

I slowed the film of the Hyundai i20N down to 80% for a thematic feel. Something's missing! Jonny Filmed aerial footage of the North Staffs Customs club stand, including Ollie's Hyundai, so I added and clipped the scene into the video.

What about colour grading the scene? I did that! After adding the transitions into the film, I needed an airy song to provide a crisp yet calming soundscape.

After choosing the soundscape, I edited the soundtrack in Audition, where I changed the EQ, increased the reverb to 2,500ms and changed the pitch and shift for a wafty aesthetic.

Then, I hard-limited the soundtrack to -12db, ready for social media use. Finally, I rendered and exported the video.


What car did I consider getting as a first car? Ferrari 458. You've got me - in mid-2021, I considered getting an i20N Performance due to liking the Hyundai i30N driving dynamics and wanted a supermini with an edge.


Would you want to film this Hyundai i20N Performance? Yeah. Let me know in the comments and save my post on your social media channel/s if you've learnt anything about videography.

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