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Hyundai i30N Performance | Aura Premium Car Care Detailing

Hyundai i30N Performance | Performance Blue | Aura Premium Car Care
Hyundai i30N Performance | Performance Blue | Aura Premium Car Care

How did my time go photographing Aura Premium Car Care detailing My Dad's Hyundai i30N Performance? Well. Find out more on how Aura Premium Car Care cleans My Dad's i30N Performance.

Before Detailing

Hyundai i30N Performance | Interior
Hyundai i30N Performance | Interior

Around Late-May I had a plan. I wanted to get my Dad's Hyundai i30N Performance looking factory fresh around Father's Day. Yeah! Marcus and I were busy so. We scheduled getting My Dad's i30N Performance for a few weeks later.

We had another roadblock. We were initially supposed to get My Dad's Hyundai i30N at Mums house, but she had some D.I.Y work in the garden? So who came to the rescue? Grandma Did.

Interior Detailing

Hyundai i30N Performance | Interior
Hyundai i30N Performance | Interior

We changed the location of Dad's Hyundai i30N Performance to Grandma's house since the area was larger, so I have more space to photograph the car, and Marcus has more space to make the car pristine.

The first task Marcus did was to remove the rubbish in preparation for detailing the car. Why? Because it disrupts Marcus's workflow and looks ungainly when I'm photographing the interior.

Marcus removed the dust with the brushes and made the seats tidier, so the interior feels more photogenic. Plus, more welcoming to sit.

Exterior Detailing

After Marcus detailed the interior of My Dad's Hyundai i30N Performance, we cleaned the Hyundai's exterior. Yeah. While Marcus cleansed the i30N, I talked about my recent photoshoots, and Marcus discussed how he got into detailing cars.

Marcus said, "I've detailed cars for a couple of months after because it's a market in demand, and I love seeing the happy faces from people once I detailed their cars".

I got some videos and pictures of Marcus washing the Hyundai, plus we did some shots of Marcus using the magic foam. Afterwards, Marcus removes the dirt on My Dad's i30N.

Finally, Marcus washed and polished the rims on the Hyundai i30N Performance, so the Hyundai can look showroom fresh after he cleaned the car for the next few weeks. Thumbs up!


How did I meet Marcus? Online. Nope - Mum found Marcus on a Group page because Marcus's detailing recommended. Mum's car looked dirty - so she booked her car in for a valet.

Marcus detailed My Mum's Volkswagen Polo last April, so I thought I'd treat My Dad to a treat. A full-valet because he loves a pristine car.


Do you love to detail your car? Nope. If you don't, check out Aura Premium Car Care if you'd love your car to look as clean as new.

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