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Hyundai i30N Performance | Express Detailing Interior Detailer | Advert

Do you want to know how I detailed the interior of this Hyundai i30N? Yeah. You're in luck - Here's how I detailed this i30N.

Thank you

Thank you to Phoebe at Express Detailing for providing me with a complimentary bottle of her Interior detailer.

Phoebe's gave my fanbase a 10 per cent discount on their website. Use VIVID10 on Express Detailing And, and you'll support my channel but also help Express Detailing.

Tidy up

Before we do the interior magic, I dispose of the rubbish and bring out the cordless vacuum. Why?

It helps de-clutter the interior and makes cleaning the interior faster. Bonus!


I bring out the cordless vacuum and take the carpets out of the car.

Cleaning the dashboard/seats

I brush the Hyundai i30N Performance's Alcantara seats interior gently to make the seats appear fresh.

Here's where things get exciting - I spray Express Detailing interior detailer on to the microfiber cloth.

Then I brush across the dashboard of the i30N Performance for a more detailed appearance. Indeed!

I enter the back seats of the i30N Performance and detail the plastic and leather parts of the Hyundai for a quality finish.


Over the last two weeks, Express Detailing's got me detailing this Hyundai i30N Performance.

I learnt a lot about doing interior detailing, from tidying the car to applying interior detailer. You sit more your car - so treat your chariot's interior with some love.


Have you cleaned your car's interior? Let me know in the comments below, share this helpful video and subscribe. On that Bombshell goodbye.

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