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Italian Cars | Maserati MC20, Ferrari 348 Spider

Ferrari 348 Spider | Chiaro Blue | Historic Auctioneers Ascot Racourse March 2022 Sale | Car Videography | Italian Cars | Classic Car Film | Supercar Clubs
Ferrari 348 Spider | Chiaro Blue | Historic Auctioneers Ascot Racourse March 2022 Sale

Are you ready to see my Italian Car Video Gallery? Yes. Me too - From the Ferrari 348 Spider to the Maserati MC20, welcome my Gallery.

Fiat 238 Van

Would you like a Lamborghini Fiat 238 Van? Yeah. Me too - Though it's not an official Lamborghini van, it makes up for it with bundles of charm and vibrancy of the livery.

Thankfully, fewer people towards the end of the Historic Auctioneers Ascot Racecourse sale. So filming's easier! But, I only had a finite amount of time to film the Fiat 238 outside the auction.

Ferrari 348 Spider

Can you feel the class of this Ferrari 348 Spider? Nah. Are you joking - With the opulent bar as a backdrop to this Ferrari at Ascot Racecourse, I felt like I filmed at a millionaire's club.

During the 348 Spider mini-video shoot, I discovered this Ferrari had a manual gearbox. Tasty. When editing the video of this Ferrari 348 Spider, I wanted to keep the Chiaro Blue and have a soundtrack in the same era as this Ferrari.

Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster

Rate the vibrance of the Blu Glauco paintwork on this Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster out of 10? 8.5. Same here - Though I like the vibrancy of the Aventador SV Roadster's paintwork, the striking lines stir the soul more.

Jonny wanted to try out the Edelkrone DollyPlus in a showroom environment. We got the tripod that suited the DollyPlus better and learned to strap the tripod. Thus we got smoother footage of the Lamborghini.

Ferrari 308GTSi

Does the early bird catch the worm with this Ferrari 308GTSi? Yes. I knew you would - From its iconic wedge profile with a bonus of being a Targa on a warm sunny day. Now you can live your Magnum P.I dreams.

Though I photographed the cars and detailer cleaning the stock in the morning, I thought of potential cars to film at the Concorde Conference Centre. Later on, I filmed the 308GTSi for my and Hampson Auctions' social media channels.

Maserati MC20

What feelings do you get from this Maserati MC20? Amazement. Same here - From the muscular haunches to the delicate lines. How could Jonny ad I not film this MC20?

Tied with the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster film, this video of the Maserati MC20 was an easy yet pleasurable video to edit due to filming the MC20 with the Edelkrone video equipment.


What do all these cars have in common? They're Italian. True, but these cars stir the soul - From the vibrant Fiat 238 to the muscular Maserati MC20. If the Italian car doesn't give you an emotion, it's not genuine.


What's your favourite car in my video gallery? Ferrari 308GTSi. Let me know in the comments below and share my article on your social media channel/s if I've piqued your interest.

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