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My time photographing JSCC Snetterton Circuit

How did my time go at photographing the JSCC at Snetterton? From a delicious breakfast to meeting a tight deadline, keep reading my article to find out more.


On the previous day, Charlie Hand qualified for pole position on races one and two for the JSCC Snetterton rounds. In the meantime, I prepped my camera equipment and brought lunch ready for the JSCC Snetterton event. Exciting!

Sunday Pre-Race

JSCC Citroen Saxo | James Wallis | Rear three quarter tracking shot
JSCC Citroen Saxo | James Wallis | Rear three quarter tracking shot

Guess what time I woke up on Sunday Morning? 3 AM. Too early! Still, I woke up at 5 AM to a stunning sunrise, and I got my laptop and camera kit in the Hyundai i30N. What about the drink bottles? We got them.

While on our journey to Snetterton Circuit, My Dad and I listened to Atomic Habits by James Clear. My Dad told me his exciting stories of East Anglia, and we had a quick pit stop at a local McDonalds for breakfast.

JSCC Citroen Saxo | 333 | Front three quarter tracking shot
JSCC Citroen Saxo | 333 | Front three quarter tracking shot

After the long journey, we reached Snetterton. Though we did have to buy tickets for the event, they gave us a nice discount. Thank you!

Race One

Am I excited for the first race? Yes! Knowing that the JSCC Snetteron's packed with competitive and talented drivers. I found a safe place to photograph The Citroen Saxo's at a picturesque location.

Throughout the race, I photographed the drivers Citroen Saxos' clipping the apexes and sparing through the chicanes well. Charlie Hand won the first race of the JSCC Snetterton round.


Alfie Jeakins | Trophy Portrait
Alfie Jeakins | Trophy Portrait

Jade gave Jonny and I paddock passes. So, we can photograph the teams working on the Citroen Saxo's and photograph the winner's for a social media post on the Junior Saloon Car Championship Instagram channels. Exciting.

When I photographed around the JSCC Paddocks, I photographed the teams working on their cars and managed to have an engaging conversation with Ollie Handley's team.

I spoke to Ollie's Dad, and he said, "my son's in a privateer team. East Anglia Air Ambulance saved his life in March 2020. We're raising money for the charity, and can you photograph their logo?" I said, "yes! I'll send you the pictures when I've finished them."

Race Two

I needed to send Scott pictures of the winner's post on the JSSC social media channels. Unfortunately, I had a finite amount of time to send him the pictures before the second race.

Though, I thought I'd sent Scott the files. Then, I realised that I sent him the wrong link to the pictures when I was in the assembly area. Thankfully, I wrote the wrong.

Nonetheless, I went from the Assembly Area to the final corner at Snetterton - Ready to get shots of the Saxo's sparing on the chicane.

A few minutes later, the Citroen Saxo's came back on track with the finesse, and the race went forward. Woo hoo! Though there were a few exciting overtakes, the safety car came back because of a crash and eventually, the race came to a stop.


JSCC Citroen Saxo | 63 77 323 33 | Front three quarter tracking shot | Snetterton
JSCC Citroen Saxo | 63 77 323 33 | Front three quarter tracking shot | Snetterton

After Charlie Hand took the second win, I came back to the office to collect my laptop and present Jade a print of Citroen Saxo's racing at Knockhill in the rain.

Harry Rice's Mum noticed the print and asked me if "I could commission a print of Harry Rice's Citroen Saxo racing at Knockhill?" I said, "yes."

Jonny and I left of JSCC office to gone a long journey back home.


What's my favourite aspect of the Junior Saloon Car Championship? Great question. From the close racing to vibrant paddocks, it's super fun photographing the Citroen Saxo's and drivers working on the cars outside the tents.

It's also fun speaking to the parents about their sponsors and how their drivers got into the JSCC.

I've got some full-resolution pictures from my time photographing the Citroen Saxo's on track and paddock my store.


What's your favourite moment at the JSCC Snetterton round? Let me know in the comments below and share my article if you've found it exciting.

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