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Off The Rails Meet Time-Lapse | Crewe Heritage Centre

GM Humvee | Crewe Heritage Centre | April 2022 'Off The Rails Meet' | Classic Car Meet | Time-Lapse
GM Humvee | Crewe Heritage Centre | April 2022 'Off The Rails Meet'

Do you want to know how I filmed the Crewe Heritage Centre 'Off The Rails Meet' time-lapse? Yes. Same here - Here's how I filmed the time-lapse.

Before I Filmed The Time-Lapse

On Saturday evening, I checked the GoPro batteries to see if they'd charged. I topped off the batteries and later placed them into the GoPro storage unit for the 'Off The Rails Meet'.

Jonny and I placed the Gimbal, ladder, and camera bag into the van the following day. We arrived at the Crewe Heritage Centre, and I assisted Jonny in setting up the GoPro Hero10 with the magnets on the building.

How I Filmed The Time-Lapse

On the night before we filmed the meet, I checked if there were any updates on the GoPro's and if we needed to change the photographic intervals. We didn't.

Jonny parked the van near the museum, where we got a fantastic vantage point to film most of the cars arriving at the meet. I placed a battery in the GoPro and got the ladder out so that Jonny could place the GoPro onto the museum for an engaging time-lapse.

Editing The Time-Lapse

Most of the work involved editing the one minute Time-Lapse for Instagram and TikTok. I needed to splice 60 seconds of footage of the cars arriving at the meet without it appearing jarring.

It needed to grab people's attention from the meet and people scrolling on social media. There were 53 total cuts in the timeline, so the film had a dynamic pace.

However, the full time-lapse had much more breathing space because it showcased the cars parking and driving into the meet with finesse. I colour graded both time-lapse and chose the appropriate soundscapes to make the videos more engaging to view.


What's my favourite type of video to edit? Time-Lapses. Though I like to film the occasional rolling video and Edelkrone video, the momentum time-lapses build put a smile on my face.


What's your favourite car in my time-lapse? Rover SD1. Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your social media channel/s if I've featured your car.

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