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Off The Rails Meet Time-Lapse | Crewe Heritage Centre January 2022

Triumph Dolomite Automatic and TVR Taimar | Crewe Heritage Centre | Off The Rails Car Meet | Classic Car | British Car | Sunny | Car Culture | Car Event
Triumph Dolomite Automatic and TVR Taimar | Crewe Heritage Centre | Off The Rails Car Meet

Are you ready to see my 'Off The Rails Meet' Crewe Heritage Centre Time-Lapse? Yeah. Same here - Welcome to the Off The Rails Time-Lapse.

Before The Time-Lapse

When we arrived at Crewe Heritage Centre, Jonny attached the front and rear GoPro Hero10's. I didn't know that the front camera had the time-lapse feature to capture the cars arriving and departing the event.

During The Time-Lapse

Though I was there during part of the time-lapse to re-group my equipment, Jonny swapped out the batteries on the front GoPro Hero10 so we could keep doing the time-lapse.

Editing The Time-Lapse

Here's where things got exciting. I Imported the clips from the Sony A9 (rolling video), Sony A7III, and GoPro Hero footage from the meet into a folder for Premiere Pro.

I selected the GoPro footage onto the Premiere Pro timeline and started with the scene of the Audi's arriving to help build hype with the cars arriving.

The next arc was how many people were at the meet, with the odd car arriving and leaving. The time-lapse needed a finishing arc. Coincidentally most of the cars left the meet with style.

What's next? I needed to colour grade the car meet time-lapse footage to give a more cinematic touch. Following that, I changed the hue so the car's paintwork looked natural, and I wanted a richer sky, so I reduced the blue luminance using selective colour.

Finally, I rendered the video, but I need a chilled soundtrack to complement the time-lapse. I selected an array of music, lowered the pitch, then hard-limited each song to -12db.


Have you done a time-lapse? Yes. I haven't until Jonny attempted a time-lapse at the meet while I filmed and photographed the vehicles at the Crewe Heritage Cente.


What's your favourite car in my time-lapse? Bentley Continental R? Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your social media channel/s if I've featured your car.

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