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Off The Rails Meet Time-Lapse | Crewe Heritage Centre March 2022

Crewe Heritage Centre | Off The Rails Meet March 2022 | Time-Lapse | Classic Car Meet
Crewe Heritage Centre | Off The Rails Meet March 2022 | Time-Lapse

Do you want to know how I filmed the Crewe Heritage Centre Off The Rails Meet Time-Lapse? Yes. Same here - Welcome to the Crewe Heritage Centre Time-Lapse.

Before We Filmed The Time-Lapse

On Sunday Morning, Jonny and I packed the photographic and film equipment into the van. We headed to the 'Off The Rails Meet' at Crewe Heritage Centre to get the content of the cars. Exciting!

Once we parked up at the meet, Jonny and I took the GoPro's out of the van and placed the first GoPro onto the building with magnets (very strong). The other went on top of the van.

How We Filmed The Time-Lapse

While we set up a multi-camera layout, Jonny and I left the GoPro's till 12:30 PM. Jonny detached the Hero10 from the building with the camera and the latter on top of the van.

How We Edit The Time-Lapse

I began by importing the GoPro Hero10 Time-Lapse and renaming the files 220320_Crewe_Heritage_Centre to make searching for the videos easier on Premiere Pro. Fantastic!

Next, I added a film folder into my Premiere Pro project to make my workflow more efficient. Then I imported the clips into my film folder.

My briefing was to create an:

  • Engaging time-lapse.

  • Use of a multi-camera setup.

  • A video with continuity.

I firstly started with a clip of an aerial perspective of the meet. Approximately 15 seconds later, I switched to the lower angle of the meet to give a first-person view of the event.

Throughout the editing process, I changed angles from the aerial perspective for the scope of the gathering to the lower GoPro for a point of view. Indeed!

During the editing process, I skipped over the scene of the Audi S8 V10 arriving in style, which was a focal point of the time-lapse. I found the scene of the V10 S8 and placed it appropriately into the film.

After the editing time-lapse, colour graded the clips for a cinematic touch. Following that, I rendered the clips ready for export. What about the music?

Great question; I need a soundtrack that would:

  • Keep audiences' attention.

  • Fit the video's transitions.

  • Be calm, yet have a sense of personality.

Thus I chose a contemporary jazzy-lounge soundtrack with my choice of three songs. I changed the feel of each three songs by increasing the reverb, shifting the pitch and hard-limiting the audio to -12db.

Finally, I gave a final look over the time-lapse and exported the video. I later made a smaller time-lapse for a teaser of what's to come, plus for use on Instagram and TikTok.


Do you like time-lapse? No. Come on - Though not as fancy as the scenes we can film with the Edelkrone equipment, or versatile as the Gimbal, it makes up for it with ease of use and a unique style.


Did you see your car in the 'Off The Rails Time-Lapse'? Let me know in the comments below and share my article on your social media channel if you learnt more about videography.

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