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TRAX Silverstone 2021 | North Staffs Customs Video

Renault Megane RS 275, Ford Fiesta ST and Volkswagen Polo GTi | North Staffs Customs | TRAX Silverstone 2021
Renault Megane RS 275, Ford Fiesta ST and Volkswagen Polo GTi | North Staffs Customs | TRAX Silverstone 2021

Are you ready to see my TRAX Silverstone 2021 North Staffs Customs Highlights video? Yes. Same here - From the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy to the Ford Fiesta ST. Hold back tight.


Before Jonny filmed the North Staffs Customs video, he tested the Edelkrone SliderPlus V5 because of its versatility. Sadly, the SliderPlus V5 had super shaky footage. That's unfortunate!

While Jonny set up the Edelkrone video equipment, I photographed some of the best car builds throughout the U.K. for my Instagram channel and magazine publications.


Jonny rang me whilst I was photographing the VAG Society U.K. stand. Jonny said. "Could you come back to the North Staffs Customs stand so you can help me frame the cars from scene to scene before the public arrives?"

I replied with, "I'll be a few minutes. I'd love to photograph some supercar, and exciting performance car builds before the public swarm the area."

I said hi to the North Staffs Customs Car Owners and assisted Jonny with a few panning shots of the Volkswagen Golf GTD and Renault Megane RS Trophy 275.

Suddenly, Jonny's phone didn't pair with the Edelkrone video equipment. I noticed the error and said, "use my phone, and I'll pair the Edelkrone equipment so you can film the cars." We swapped phones.

90 Minutes later, "Jonny rang me on his phone while I photographed one of the retail stands at TRAX," I said, I'll be over in a few minutes while I photograph the Team AMG UK and Headturners UK stand.

I came back to the North Staffs Customs stand and unlocked my phone to film the cars at the club. I planned the next vehicle/s I'd like to film, and I assisted Jonny with moving the video equipment.

Editing The Video

Though I knew that specific clips needed stabilising, I imported the video clips the following day and was incredibly excited to film the North Staffs Customs Highlights Reel.

My briefing was:

  • Create an engaging video of the North Staffs Customs club stand.

  • Make the film flow well.

  • Finish the video by Monday Night and published it by Tuesday Morning.


I originally wanted to bring the DJI Ronin SC Gimbal to film around TRAX Silverstone. However, we brought our 90KG camera case to film the cars due to broken sensors in the Gimbal.

I thought it would be a massive burden carrying the camera rig around Silverstone. Still, it provided us with constant quality content and gave us a variety of interesting conversations with the public.


What's your favourite car in my video? Let me know in the comments below and share my article on your social media channel/s if I've featured your favourite car.

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