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Vauxhall Sports Hatch | Crewe Heritage Centre

Vauxhall Sports Hatch | Extra Dark Wine | Crewe Heritage Centre | Classic Car Meet | Videography
Vauxhall Sports Hatch | Extra Dark Wine | Crewe Heritage Centre

Do you want to know how I filmed this Vauxhall Sports Hatch at the Crewe Heritage Centre 'Off The Rails Meet'? Yes. Here's how I filmed the Sports Hatch.

How I Filmed The Sports Hatch

After I filmed a Land Rover Series 1 at the 'Off The Rails Meet.' I needed an exciting car to film; an Extra Dark Wine Sports Hatch caught my eyes. I recalibrated my Gimbal, so it's level when I filmed the Vauxhall.

The first scene I filmed of the Sports Hatch was a front three-quarter walkthrough. In the following scene, I filmed a three-quarter rear angle of the Vauxhall to show the scale of the meet.

What about the detail scenes? Great question. I filmed the taillight scene of the Sports Hatch, showcasing the striking Volcano Red accents of the Vauxhall.

The final scene of the Vauxhall I recorded was a headlight clip because the Extra Dark Wine paintwork popped during the extract.

How I Edited The Sports Hatch Video

I opened Premiere Pro and went into my film folder, then I sorted out the files and chose the Vauxhall Sports Hatch clips, which made my workflow more efficient.

I shortened and spliced the clips of the Sports Hatch, so I've got a more engaging video and removed the unnecessary parts of the film. After that, I stabilised most of the clips of the Vauxhall, so the video appeared smoother. I also applied a colour grade to all the clips for a consistent feel.

After I warp stabilised the Vauxhall Sports Hatch, I re-imported the videos into my stabilised so I could pace the clips optimally. Indeed! I started with the headlight scene of the Sports Hatch to draw my audience in when I transitioned into the front-three-quarter walkthrough.

Next, I placed a taillight scene of the Vauxhall Sports Hatch leading into a rear-three-quarter walkthrough for a dynamic pace. Finally, I ended the video with a reversed clip of the Sports Hatch to give the video a full circle.

Here's a twist! I had a time-lapse scene of the Vauxhall Sports Hatch, which I added to the film because it gave a unique feel to the video. Then I needed to choose a jazzy relaxed atmosphere to complement the era of this Vauxhall.

Vauxhall Sports Hatch | Extra Dark Wine | Before Restoration | Classic Hot Hatch
Vauxhall Sports Hatch | Extra Dark Wine | Before Restoration

After publishing the video, I asked Mike, 'Whats the paintwork called on your Sports Hatch?' Mike replied with, 'Extra Dark Wine. Most people think the paintwork is black. The accents on this Vauxhall's called Volcano Red'.

I said, 'Thank you. I didn't think the paintwork was black on this Vauxhall, but I couldn't find the paintwork online'. Mike Replied, 'It was a limited edition for the Sports Hatch. Vauxhall wanted a standout car in the showroom in a sea of beiges, greys and light blues'.


What was the most exciting rabbit hole you've explored? Renewable energy. Not as spicy - Still, when filming this Sports Hatch at the Crewe Heritage Centre, I learnt a lot from Mike about this Vauxhall.


Did you learn anything about this Vauxhall Sports Hatch? Yes. Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your social media channel/s if I've intrigued you.

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