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BMW M3 Competition | Frozen Silver | Oulton Park
BMW M3 Competition | Frozen Silver | Oulton Park

What's your favourite German car brand? BMW. Your in luck - From the BMW M4 Convertible to BMW X5 M Competition. Here's my virtual gallery.

BMW M4 Convertible

What strikes out to you on this BMW M4 Convertible? Opulent rims. Great idea. However, I'm talking about the BMW Individual Twilight Purple Pearl paintwork.

I photographed this BMW M4 Convertible at my local BMW dealership hidden away towards the used section. I tried photographing this M4 Convertible before the customer entered the frame of my camera.


BMW Z4 | Atacama Yellow | Front three quarter
BMW Z4 | Atacama Yellow | Front three quarter

What's the rarest BMW I've photographed? Z1. I remember coming across a BMW Z1 at my local BMW showroom. Tough this BMW Z4 looks like a regular car - Its specced in Atacama Yellow.

BMW sold 4 Z4's in the UK in Atacama Yellow and produced for the US market. In January 2020, My Dad's friend wanted me to photograph their Z4 before selling their car.

I'm happy about crisp some of my pictures came out of the BMW Z4 golden hour photoshoot. Fun fact - the owner of this BMW Z4 now owns a Honda Integra Type R.

BMW M2 Competition

Do you love the aggressive appearance of this BMW M2 Competition? Yeah. Same here - though I've photographed a couple of M2 Competition's before.

I noticed this BMW M2 Competition in a clean spot outside my local BMW dealership and used my 85mm portrait lens. The Hockenheim Silver looks classy on this BMW. How could I not photograph this M2?

BMW M240i Safety car

Would you want a passenger ride in this BMW M240i Safety car? No. Why not - Though the M240i isn't as hardcore as the M2. It'll still give you as many smiles per gallon.

I photographed this BMW M240i Safety car at the British Formula 3 event at Oulton Park in August. The upward angle provided a new perspective to this BMW.

BMW X5 M Competition

BMW X5 M Competion | San Marino Blue | BMW Stoke
BMW X5 M Competion | San Marino Blue | BMW Stoke

Do you love the San Marino Blue paintwork on this BMW X5 M Competition? Yup. I'm not too big on this BMW X5 M Competiton: however, if you desire a loud and proud SUV with 617BHP. This BMW is for you.

What enticed me about this X5 M Competition was its athletic stance and its glorious San Marino Blue finish.

BMW i3

Can you feel the future of this BMW i3? Nah. However, the i3 didn't sell well against its conventional and electric rivals. But, the BMW i3 was an excellent testbed.

The biggest challenge of photographing this BMW i3 was the harsh light from the windows and dawdling customers. I accepted the challenge.

The picture started to look fantastic when importing my pictures to Adobe Photoshop. I cleaned up the lines on this BMW I3 and removed the unnecessary lights from the dealership using the clone tool and spot healing tool.


BMW define Driving Machine. Whether its the modern i3. To, the spicy BMW X5 M Competition. No brands compare.

What's your favourite BMW in my gallery? BMW Z4. Let me know on my social media posts, and if you find my article engaging. Share my article on your social media channel

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