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What's your favourite Japanese car? Mazda MX-5. From the Nissan GTR to the Honda Civic Type R - Has my virtual gallery got a treat for you.

Toyota Chaser Tourer TRD

Can you feel the summer vibes in this photo of the Toyota Chaser Tourer TRD? Yup. Same here - I took this photo of this Chaser Tourer TRD at Oulton Park in August.

There were some exciting sports cars on offer at Oulton Park - This Toyota Chaser parked next to a Honda CRX caught my eyes.

Nissan GTR R35

Did I take my last photo at Oulton Park till last? Maybe. From its spoiler to the iconic four taillights. When you ask people can you name a Japanese sports car; they'd reply with "Nissan GTR, or Toyota Supra".

I had a fantastic time photographing the cars at the Time Attack Event at Oulton Park, but before leaving. I came across a white Nissan GTR R35.

I asked the owner if I can photograph their GTR. They said "yes". Though the doesn't own this Nissan GTR anymore, they have an exciting collection of performance cars.

Honda Civic Type R (Press Car)

Have you seen this Honda Civic Type R? Yes. You've likely seen this Civic Type R on the Top Gear Car Of Year and EVO Car Of The Year (ECOTY). But have you seen it in real life?

I have. A couple of weeks after visiting Cheshire Oaks Honda to thank the staff for letting me photograph the Honda E, the staff member told me there was a unique Honda finished in Boost Blue.

This Honda Civic Type R was one of the first facelifted Type R's in the U.K, and they sold it at this showroom. What a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Toyota GR Yaris

Would you call this Toyota GR Yaris a groundbreaker? Nah. Though, the Ford Fiesta ST and Volkswagen Polo GTi are quality hot hatches. You can't match the pure performance and street cred of this GR Yaris.

Though I've featured this Toyota GR Yaris in two of my virtual galleries; I wanted to tell my fans if you want car makers to create vehicles with vibrancy and gets - you need to pay up to support the vehicles you love.

Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z | Silverstone Grey | Front three quarters poster
Nissan 350Z | Silverstone Grey | Front three quarters poster

What's your favourite rebooted sports car? Nissan 370Z. The Nissan 370Z is my second favourite looking Nissan Z with the 300ZX Twin Turbo. Let's focus on this 350Z.

After the opulent Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo - Nissan had to go back to the basic and look at the 240Z for inspiration. Nissan rebooted this Z lineup with this fresh 350Z.

I like this picture of the Nissan 350Z because I can highlight the simple. Yet, striking design of this 350Z against a clean summertime backdrop at Oulton Park.


Ask any car enthusiast what their favourite cars are - and a Japanese Sports Car would be on their top ten list. With their range of dependable, sorted, yet spicy range of performance cars. The Rising Sun hasn't faded, however.

What's your favourite Japanese car? Toyota Supra? Let me know in the comments below - And share my virtual gallery on your social media channels if you've enjoyed my gallery.

PS: If you're interested in boosting your workflow, improving your car photography skills and want to know what events I appear. Please check out my Member's Club Newsletter.

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