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Vivid Auto Photography | Cars Of Mediterranean | Virtual Gallery

Are you ready for the Summer? Yup. Have I got great news - I'm bringing the warm sun and fresh air with these exciting cars to my Mediterranean virtual gallery.

Lamborghini Aventador S

Lamborghini Aventador S | Verde Mantis | Rear three quarters
Lamborghini Aventador S | Verde Mantis | Rear three quarters

Where would you drive this Lamborghini Aventador S? Monaco. I'd be super nerve racked driving this Aventador S on the Monaco streets and take it to Yas Marina Circuit.

With its 740 raging bulls powering your Aventador S, you've got an abundance of bulls to rage in this Lamborghini on the track.

Seat Leon Cupra

Would you choose the Seat Leon Cupra or £18,990? Money. Though cash seems a tempting prospect. However, you get a great value performance hatchback.

I came across this Leon Cupra at the local Seat dealer in August. Tough the weather felt drab, the Mystery Blue paintwork caught my eyes on this Seat Leon outside the showroom.

Maserati Ghibli

Can you feel the charisma of this Maserati Ghibli? Yup. Same here - With its toned front end and artisan side vents. If you'd love a boutique saloon - the Ghibli is your choice.

On an overcast Sunday at Oulton Park, I came across a Nero Maserati parked near the paddock area. I thought, "I let's get some shots of the Ghibli!"

So I did. I didn't edit this Maserati Ghibli photo until October, where I managed to bring out the dramatic clouds in Lightroom.

Renault Clio Sport Cup 182

Renault Clio Sport Cup 182 | Rear three quarters poster
Renault Clio Sport Cup 182 | Rear three quarters poster

What word would you describe this Renault Clio Sport Cup 182? Funky. Indeed - With its curvy profile and sporty suspension. Don't count this Clio Sport out.

Before taking pictures of this Renault Clio Sport Cup 182, we had a crazy amount of rain at Oulton Park. Bonus! Still, the surroundings were tranquil when I took pictures of this Clio Sport.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Do you love the rims on this Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio? Nah. I beg to differ - With dynamic yet, timeless appeal. You can't top the rims on this Giulia Quadrifoglio.

On an overcast morning, before it rained. I photographed this Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio in the staff car park. Though there were a variety of supercars - This Giulia caught my eye.

Designed by Lorenzo Ramaciotti - Who penned the Ferrari 458 Italia. You can see the tones and curves throughout the exterior/interior of this Alfa Romeo. BMW beware.


Whether it's Spain, Italy or France - you can feel the fresh yet, welcoming feeling of design on these cars. From the dazzling Lamborghini Aventador S to the nifty Renault Clio Sport Cup 182. There are so many cars from the Mediterranean that I'm excited to photograph.

What's your favourite Mediterranean car? Fiat Panda. If you've found my article exciting, please share my article on your social media channels and check out my Member's Club.

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