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Vivid Auto Photography Virtual Gallery | Lockdown PT2

To continue with my Lockdown virtual gallery theme I've got more photos. From the Porsche 981 Boxster to Audi TTS Coupe - you're in for a treat!

Audi TTS Coupe

My favourite photoshoot during lockdown is the Audi TTS Coupe. Why? I loved shooting a variety of angles and crazy weather going into Twilight.

I learnt how to places the off-camera-flashes efficiently, to finding what blend modes look incredible on this Audi TTS Coupe photoshoot. As a bonus, the TTS Coupe gave me a week's worth content.

Porsche 718 Cayman GTS

The next day after photographing the Audi TTS Coupe, I took pictures of the TTS Coupe's Dads Porsche 718 Cayman GTS.

I enjoyed the contrast between the multi-weather evening and calming overcast afternoon. Plus, the framing of the garage door gave the 718 Cayman GTS poster pictures extra depth.

Seat Leon

What stands out to you on this Seat Leon. Bohemian Purple. That's specific, but yes. Thankfully, I had a better location to photograph the Seat Leon.

I'm happy I get more space to take pictures of the Seat Leon, with an opportunity to use more telephoto lenses. Yay. I also loved the crisp lines on the Seat Leon MK3.

Porsche 981 Boxster

Before I photographed the Porsche 981 Boxster, the driver took the Boxster a drive of their life. For the theme of the Porsche Boxster photoshoot was timeless.

The owner requested me to do a composite of their Boxster, so I applied a picturesque sunny sky with fluffy clouds.


From the Seat Leon to Audi TTS Coupe, I loved making the most of my scenery. I learnt a lot from these photoshoots from productivity to post-production.

What's your favourite car from my virtual gallery. Mine is the Audi TTS Coupe. If you love my article, please share my post on your social media channels. Goodbye.

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