Vivid Auto Photography | Virtual Gallery | Summer 2020

Have you wondered what I've photographed during Summer 2020? Nope. Sure, From shooting the Volkswagen Polo in heavy rainfall to photographing the legendary Ford RS200 Evolution at Oulton Park.

Volkswagen Polo TSi

Volkswagen Polo TSI SE | Front Three Quarters Poster

Once I had a new flash controller, I thought I'd try it on the Volkswagen Polo. However, time and weather were finite during the photo shoot.

Overall the flash control is quicker to use. Bonus! The flashes helped to give the Polo's rims extra contrast.

Honda Civic Type R FK8

Honda Civic Type R FK8 | Front Three Quarters Poster

Its a tough challenge shooting cars in the sunny weather. Due to the camera measuring the lightest to the darkest part of the image.

The sunny weather makes the Honda Civic Type R's paint job even more vibrant paint job to match its dramatic appearance.

Scion/Toyota xB

Scion xB/Toyota bB | Rear Three quarters poster

Would you Call this Scion xB the epitome of funkiness? Yeah. Same here, I'm exciting in see unique JDM cars from the Toyota Sera to Nissan Stagea.

I saw this Scion xB in the club area at Oulton Park. I liked the curvy, yet funky appearance of the xB, definitely worth the time for the picture.

Triumph TR8

Triumph TR8 | Front Three Quarters Poster

Wedge cars were the rage of car designs in the '70s, from the Lancia Stratos to Lamborghini Countach. The original TR7 came with a four-cylinder.

However, for the American market, Triumph spiced up the TR7 with a V8. The Triumph TR8 looked super relaxed in the July sun.


After taking pictures in the new Land Rover dealership, I visited the Audi dealership with my Dalmatian and Dad.

After we asked the manager if we can photograph the cars, the Pulse Orange Audi TTRS caught my eye. As a bonus, the plants give an exotic feeling to the subject, and the scenery is clean.

Ford RS200 Evolution

Seeing the Ford RS200 Evolution is like winning the jackpot. Lots of people surrounded the RS200 Evolution until they moved passed the car. Now it's time to shoot. I enjoy how wild the RS200 appears.


2020's only started when you've got the right mindset. From the Month opening of car shows to walking the Dalmatian around the dealership parking lot.

What's your favourite car in this Virtual Gallery? Let me know in the comments below, and if you love this gallery. Please share my article on your social media channels. Goodnight.

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