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What have I've learnt during lockdown | Car Photography Edition

Do you want to know what I've learnt during the lockdown? Yeah. I knew you would, keep reading this article about what I've learnt during the lockdown.

Make sure your photos are quality

Making sure your photographs are crisp and quality is essential. Questions, I now ask to find a quality photo is:

  • Is the image sharp?

  • Is the subject focused?

  • Can I edit this photo in less than a day?

  • Does this picture has a unique factor?

If so, the images get the greenlight to be edited and showcased on your portfolio.

Photo-processing skills

You can find a fountain of knowledge about Photo-Processing skills on YouTube; If you're willing to put the time and effort. Also, you can use premium tutorial sites, such as LinkedIn Learning, or Skillshare.

At the beginning of lockdown, I watch Photoshop CC 2019 for Dummies. If you can find efficient ways to edit your content on Photoshop CC 2019, or making simple adjustments on Lightroom - you're ahead of the curve.

It's even better to practice what you've learnt from the tutorial to your software of choice. You'll be super pleased with the results.

Make sure you photograph from multiple angles

If you've got some time, think about photographing your subject. I.e. Audi TTS Coupe from multiple angles. Whether that's a front-three-quarter poster-format or side profile landscape

I learnt this tip when running out of content during the lockdown and later during the Aston Martin DB6 Superleggera photoshoot.

You don't know when your next photoshoot is. So, I recommend the extra time to photograph the owner's motors from a variety of angles.

Start building connections

I recommend to be resilient and to have a goal when you start building connections. Whether it's your local business or, multinational marking department on LinkedIn.

Also, consider creating a genuine connection with your local car meet with people who care about the local scene.

  • You get to learn new stuff about their car.

  • Have a chance to photograph a variety of boutique motors.

  • Even have a chance to set-up a photo shoot.


Its time to clean your files, watch tutorials and make the most of your lockdown. Maybe, even purchase equipment to make you more productive.

It's also fantastic to remember making the most of your time while photographing your subject/s. You never know when you'll run out of content to edit during the lockdown.

Finally, start building connections in whatever industry you want to get jobs on LinkedIn. Or, find out your local car scene and, start a conversation with the owner of the car/s.

What have you learnt during the lockdown? Let me know in the comments below, and if you love my article, please share my post on your social media channel. Goodbye!

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