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What's my favourite social media platform? Facebook, Instagram, etc

Have you ever wondered what my favourite social media platforms are? Facebook. Read further to how I rate my ideal platform is and the advantage and disadvantage of each site. Instagram

Instagram is my main focus because I get tonnes of engagement and has an active audience to showcase my content. Instagram has a straightforward user interface, so it makes communicating with my fans easier and showcasing other car photographers posts on story mode. Win-Win! The disadvantages of Instagram is the spam I receive in my Direct Message and one-word comments. Yuck! Plus, you can't post content on Laptop/Desktop. Instagram (overall score 8.75) User Interface 9.25/10 Engagement 9/10 Reach 8.75/10 Comments 8.5/10 Minds has a small audience compared to Instagram and Facebook, but the user on the website post-high-quality content. My posts don't get much attention compared to Instagram, but genuine comments make up for it. Finally, Minds has a feature where I can boost my channel with (Minds) tokens. So, I can showcase my pictures or showcase another fantastic channel's content with ease. Two disadvantages with Minds boost is that you can't target your niche and low-quality-content takes centre-stage on your feed. Meh. Minds (overall score 8.5/10) User Interface 8/10 Engagement 9/10 Reach 8.25/10 Comments 8.75/10 Facebook

Facebook has a less active userbase on Instagram, but I still have a big fanbase on my page. From friends and people, I talked to at car meets. I get a decent reach from my fans, and the comments are of higher quality. The disadvantages of Facebook is the User Interface feels clunky/outdated and if I link to my Minds account it buries my posts in the algorithm. Facebook (overall score 8.25/10) User Interface 6/10 Engagement 9/10 Reach 8.75/10 Comments 8.75/10 Website

My website is the hub to link all my social media channels together and to write interesting articles. I'm glad I can make the site feel unique and add a splash of colour. The website many people, but I want to entice more user by, releasing more blogs. Creating content is worth it, but feels monotonous adding images to the articles. Finally, trying to improve the Search Engine Optimisation is a challenging task. Vivid Auto Photography (overall score 8/10) User Interface 9/10 Engagement 7.5/10 Reach 8.50/10 Comments 1/10 YouTube

YouTube is the first social media website I used. I ran a channel called Ferrarinator and played Racing games.

I focused on my YouTube with photography content. I'd expect to have a massive reach and engagement. The reason I don't post too much content on YouTube is that it's a steep curve to reach a reasonable amount of reach. And, it takes a lot of time to create videos. The disadvantage of YouTube is the platform is unstable with ad boycotts, and the comment section can become toxic. YouTube (overall score 7/10) User Interface 7.5/10 Engagement 9/10 Reach 9/10 Comments 3/10 Twitter

Twitter is my least popular social media channel. The main advantage of Twitter is when other channels retweet my posts. Thankfully, Twitter's user interface is simple but lacking character. If you're looking for reach and engagement Twitter is average. Twitter (overall score 5/10) User Interface 7.5/10 Engagement 2.5/10 Reach 7.5/10 Comments 2.5/10 Conclusion Each social media site has a different audience and goals. Some overlap. I.e. YouTube and Instagram. My main fanbase is on Instagram and Facebook. Ages 18-35. Though YouTube has a massive, active audience. It's a very steep curve to gain notoriety. If; you've got a skill to showcase and teach - YouTubes your go-to platform. Other getting your content retweeted by a prominent channel on Twitter, you're better off building a community on other social media sites. Comment down your favourite social media platforms? If you've found this article useful. Please share my post on your social media channels. Goodbye!

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Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris
Apr 02, 2020

Informative article on the different platforms. My favourite platform is Instagram as I too get great engagement and it is straightforward to use

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