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What's my favourite weather to photograph cars?

Do you want to know what my favourite weather to photograph cars is? Nah. If you're intrigued about what my ideal weather to take pictures of cars is - read on. Clear/Sunny

In theory, sunny weather seems the best weather to capture images of cars. You can increase your shutter speed, ISO and have beautiful highlights. However, between 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM, the light is overpowering and can bleach the paint job on the car. It's best to increase F/Stop and bring out the flashlights to highlight the paint job. When it's a lovely, warm Spring day, it's a pleasure to photograph cars. Sunny/clear - 6.5/10 Lighting - 6-8/10 Ease 7/10 Editing 5/10 Overcast

The disadvantage of overcast weather is the highlights on the vehicle highlights look flat. No character. Some cloudy pictures I've captured, I discard because they don't inspire me. When it comes to editing, you've got way more ideas to work an image. I.e. Use blending modes to make the clouds dramatic, or swap the background. Overcast - 8/10 Lighting - 6-8/10 Ease 9/10 Editing 9/10 Sunrise/sunset

It's a challenge to balance the lighting of the sunset to the vehicle, especially if you add off-camera flash. Is the sunset strong, or does the car's paint look realistic to the eventide? Now your talking! Vibrant colours, soft lighting and memorable images. I don't have many times to take pictures of cars in the evening. From mid-November to late-January; it's a convenient time for me to take pictures of cars. Finally, it's a pleasure to showcase the vibrancy of the sunset, to compliment to the crispness of the subject. Sunset/Sunrise - 8.25/10 Lighting - 7-9/10 Ease 7/10 Editing 8/10 Rain

Rainfall smooshes your lens, brings condensation to the lens filter and has similar highlights to overcast weather. Capturing pictures in the rain is a challenge, but I'm willing to take on the task. Indeed! From drizzle to bucket loads of rainfall. It gives you a variety of conditions to photograph. From the soken ground, rain droplets. And, lights reflecting off the ground. Shooting cars in rainfall is unique weather to capture photographs. Make sure the vehicle isn't detailed. Rain - 7.25/10 Lighting - 7-9/10 Ease 6/10 Editing 7.5/10 Night

Nighttime is a different beast. It's the most challenging weather to take photographs. It's essential to use a tripod to capture crisp pictures at Nighttime. Also, it's a great time to experiment with light painting, off-camera flash and your lighting of choice. My favourite nighttime scenery is Christmas time fairy lights. As a whole, shooting in twilight is a challenge because of camera focusing, capturing the cars paint job and risky areas. Night - 7.5/10 Lighting - 7/10 Ease 7/10 Editing 8.5/10 Fog

Fog is a pleasure to photograph cars. It's natures way to distinguish the subject from the background while giving the vehicle a soft light. The mist has the same dramatic lighting problems as overcast and rain. But, if you want an aery, thematic scene - this weather is for you. Fog - 8.75/10 Lighting - 9/10 Ease 8.5/10 Editing 8.5/10 Conclusion What's my favourite weather to photograph cars? Purely, based on number its foggy weather. Depending on the situation, or car my ideal weather changes. I.e. Toyota Supra - Overcast weather. Think about what weather is the best for your subject. Does the Golden Retriever look good at night? Nah. It's a neat idea, but a sunny day would look better. Comment down what your ideal weather is to photograph? If you enjoy my article, please share my post on your social media channel! Goodbye.

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