If you're based in Staffordshire, Shropshire or Cheshire and want breathtaking photos of your car?


About me


I'm Joe - Vivid Auto Photography. I started automotive photography because I wanted to take pictures of memorable and unique cars. I've photographed automobiles for two years.




Vivid Auto Photography's featured on the Porsche Chester social media page. And, LSH Auto Mercedes Benz social media channels.


Why have a photoshoot?


Whether you want to sell your car for more/quicker, have a showpiece in your house or, showcasing your car in its best light on social media. Vivid Auto Photography is ready to help you.


What does Vivid Auto Photography photoshoot include?


My photoshoot includes:

  • 5 JPG Photos
  • Travel up to 20 minutes
  • A 45-minute Photoshoot


Additional extra's include:

  • 5 Extra JPG Photos
  • Photoshop enhancement
  • 5 prints 12*8




Should I wash my car?


Yes, please. Washing your car insures better photos of your car.


How do I arrange a location for my photoshoot?


Please email or DM me about the location you want for the photoshoot of your car.


How do I receive the pictures from my photoshoot?


I'll send you a download link. Any prints I'll send to your address.


How do I reschedule my photoshoot?


Yes. Within a week of the Photoshoot.


Can I get a refund from my photoshoot?


No. However I'll preview the pictures of your car at the end of the photoshoot.

Vivid Auto Photography | Photoshoot


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