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Filming Hyundai i30N UK At TRAX Silverstone 2021

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Do you want to know how I filmed at the Hyundai i30N U.K. stand at TRAX Silverstone 2021? Yeah. Same here - Here's how I've filmed at the Hyundai i30N U.K TRAX Silverstone stand.


After we filmed a delightful purple Nissan 350Z, I wanted to film the Hyundai i30N U.K. stand. Jonny and I have a massive affinity for the Hyundai i30N, so why not film multiple Hyundai i30N Performances'?

I photographed at the Hyundai i30N U.K. and had an engaging story with a Micron Grey i30N Performance owner. I mentioned to the owner, "that my Dad brought 90kg's of video equipment. The Micron Grey i30N owner said, "excellent".


Jonny and I asked the Hyundai i30N owners, "please can I film your stand?" The Hyundai i30N owners said, "sure!" So the first scene Jonny and I planned was a panning shot of the Slate Grey Hyundai i30N Performance to the Micron Grey i30 Fastback N. Exciting!

Though we did have to contend with the harsh wind at TRAX Silverstone, I knew we could stabilise the footage. At the time, sync the Edelkrone film equipment. Oops!

Then, I framed the second scene involving an upwards JibShot of Steve's Hyundai i30N Performance and Micron Grey i30N. Though we did get an oncoming person in the video, it added a sense of interest to the film.

Steve asked Jonny and me, "Please could you film my engine bay?" I said, "how could we not? The carbon fibrelicous engine bay cover and craftsmanship made it excellent to film."

During the engine bay scene, the Hyundai i30N U.K. member's showed Jonny and me a film of the Hyundai i30N Caffeine & Machine with 60+ i30N's.

I said, "That's wild!" Steve mentioned, we would've had more i30N's come to the meet. But, we booked the club late for the event, and we struggled with U.K. Fuel Crisis".

I enjoyed filming Steve's Hyundai i30N's engine bay because the Edelkrone JibOne's panning provided an effortless path across the engine bay without significant bumps. Thumbs up!

Editing Video

When I edited the Hyundai i30N UK TRAX video, we had a meh clip of the purple Nissan 350Z, so I spliced the film sections. Yeah! I changed specific clips of the i30N stand, which made the video flow better.

I also shorted the three clips to make the pacing snappier and stabilise the videos to reduce the shake in the footage. I finally introduced a spacey Lo-Fi soundtrack, then I added reverb and changed the pitch on Audition to give it a calming touch to the sample. Yup!


What's your favourite aspect of the Hyundai i30N Performance? Speed. I'd say value and the small details - From the Alcantara interior, Limited Slip Differential and potent engine. No wonder why the i30N's got an enthusiastic fanbase.


Have you attended a Hyundai i30N Performance meet? Let me know in the comments below and share my article if you've found the video exciting.

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