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How I Filmed A BMW 7 Series E65 In Wilmslow

BMW 7 Series E65 | Cars In Wilmslow
BMW 7 Series E65 | Cars In Wilmslow

Do you want to know how I filmed this BMW 7 Series E65 in Wilmslow? Yes. Same here - Keep reading about how I filmed this BMW 7 Series in Wilmslow.

Before I filmed This BMW 7 Series

Jonny prepped the Peugeot Partner with the two GoPro Hero10's to the front and rear of the van. We did some driving footage leading towards Alderley Edge. Jonny attached the Sony A9 safely before heading to Alderley Edge and got the camera recording. Indeed.

We did some recording around Alderley towards Wilmslow; we had to press record again on the Sony A9 to get new footage. When filming around Wilmslow, we had a surprising amount of meh cars until I came across this BMW 7 Series on a roundabout. Exciting!

How I Filmed This BMW 7 Series

Now we're talking! I had the rear GoPro Hero10 and Sony A9 recording, so I knew we were in for a treat. Tasty! Jonny and I faced a challenge filming the 7 Series by framing the BMW 7 Series without seeing the screen.

Thankfully, the roads were reasonably smooth around Wilmslow, making it easier for the BMW 7 Series to leave Wilmslow. Entering back towards Alderley Edge, we had to avoid a massive puddle to avoid wrecking the equipment and soaking the 7 Series. It wouldn't be a good publicity stunt.

How I Edited The Video Of This BMW 7 Series

I began by looking for scenes of the BMW 7 Series driving on Premiere Pro filmed on the GoPro Hero10 and Sony A9 (I chose the latter). Then, I spliced the clips of the BMW 7 Series so I could create a more punchy video.

With the scenes of the 7 Series disappearing off-screen, I removed the scenes to create a more engaging video. Yay! After creating the skeleton for the video, I colour graded the clips for a more thematic feel.

I stabilised the footage to make the clips smoother, though I had to sacrifice the framing. It's worth it. I wanted an eccentric yet classy soundtrack for the 7 Series video, so I chose an orchestral piece on Adobe Stock.

The most significant change I made to the music was to limit the soundtrack to -12db to make the sound more consistent.


It's the most surprising results that make a video/photo enjoyable. Did you photograph a Dalmatian against a Lamborghini in the rain or film a spicy supercar around town?


Have you seen a BMW 7 Series in Wilmslow? No. Let me know in the comments below and share my article on your social media channel/s if you're interested in making a video.

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