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How I Filmed A Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 | Cars Of Wilmslow

Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 Polar White | Cars Of Wilmslow
Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 Polar White | Cars Of Wilmslow

Do you want to know how I filmed this Polar White Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 in Wilmslow? Yeah. Same here - Welcome to how I filmed this Mercedes-Benz CLA in Wilmslow.

Pre-Filming Mercedes CLA 180

Jonny and I were in front of a sea of monotonous cars - not great for an engaging video. Still, Jonny safely pulled into a layby and waited to pull in front of an exciting car. In came a classy Mercedes CLA 180.

How I filmed A Mercedes CLA In Wilmslow

Jonny and I filmed the Mercedes CLA on the outskirts of Wilmslow. Though the CLA was a few meters behind us, it wasn't a big deal with the Sony A9 having an 85mm lens. But, the GoPro Hero10's had the Mercedes slightly out of frame.

It was exciting seeing the Mercedes CLA going through the corners testing the Sony A9 and GoPro Hero10 capabilities going into the town.

When we drove past Aston Martin Wilmslow towards the junction, the filming got more interesting. We had some people crossing over between the Peugeot Partner and CLA, thus creating a hectic feeling. Indeed!

Thankfully, the Mercedes turned off to get more fun footage of the CLA in town coming across a Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet entering the junction.

How I Edited the Video Of The Mercedes CLA Wilmslow Video

Seven days after getting footage of the Mercedes-Benz CLA in Wilmslow, I had the video clips compiled into Premiere Pro and selected the Mercedes scenes in Wilmslow.

I decided I wanted a multi-camera setup to make the video more engaging to watch and improve the clips' quality. I later slimmed the footage of the Mercedes CLA for a punchier pace of the video.

I spliced out scenes of the CLA, stopping for a while and leaving the frame around the corners. Again, I wanted a more dynamic atmosphere prioritising the Mercedes. I added a title and transitions for consistency and improved the video's flow.

For the finishing garnishes for the video, I colour graded the footage, so I made the film of the Mercedes CLA feel movie adjacent. Finally, I added warp stabiliser to reduce the shakiness of the clips.


Do you like to make a stir-fry? Yes. Excellent - From chopping up the vegetables, hearing the oil's sizzle when the vegetables go in the wok to serving up. Creating this video of the Mercedes-Benz CLA gave me a similar experience.


Did you enjoy this video of the Mercedes-Benz CLA? Yup. Let me know in the comments below, and share my article on your social media channel/s if I've engaged your interest.

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