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How I got the opportunity to photograph at supercar dealerships

How do I get the opportunity to photograph at many supercar dealerships? Here's a checklist on before, during and after to give me an edge at photographing at prestige showrooms.


Range Rover Sport SVR | Black | Front three quarters poster
Range Rover Sport SVR | Black | Front three quarters poster

If you're reading this article during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Don't visit supercar dealerships.

How to plan your supercar showroom visit?

Check when the dealership is open. What time is the showroom open - if it aligns with your schedule. Pin it on your Google Maps profile.

It's polite and professional to call up the showroom to ask if you can photograph the stock. Also, ask if there are any vital clients for the dealership, so you don't interrupt the business flow.

Judge a book by its cover

The first thing showroom staff/hosts see is your face. Not your talent. If your skin looks oily, it doesn't give staff the most confidence when you look like you've woken up. Yawn.

Wash your face daily and find face cleansers and moistures of your choice that complement your skin.

An incredible hair cut makes you feel confident and alludes professionalism to the people in the showroom. You need to book in at a decent hairdresser/barbers to work magic on your hair.

Jaguar XE | Indus Silver | Rear three quarters poster
Jaguar XE | Indus Silver | Rear three quarters poster

After you've booked a time to visit the dealership, you need to look smart. I wore black Clark shoes. Nike's don't cut it. Then wear suit trousers or skinny jeans without logos for a clean appearance.

Then wear a button-up shirt that compliments your figure and to top it off. Wear a premium suit.

Let's get to business cards

Though most dealerships have a social media presence and staff are aware of the platforms - you're not unique. The showroom staff might want to see your website and LinkedIn profile quickly.

Business cards help introduce people to your brand and funnel people into your ecosystem. I used Vistaprint to work on my business cards and flyer, but I recommend using a vector-based program to design your business cars.

Lights camera action

Though smartphone cameras are excellent - you can't beat the presence, quality and flexibility of a DSLR. A Great staring camera is a Nikon D3300, then if your content gets better. Consider purchasing a Nikon D610.

I currently use a Nikon D850 for its high pixel count and its fantastic variety of lenses. I recommend getting a circular polarising lens filter that fits your camera because you get a cleaner effect when you photograph the car.

Finally, I recommend getting a decent tripod to get a more consistent quality of pictures to provide the dealership for selling or marketing reasons. Yup.

I've forgotten to mention bringing an SD card and remembering your camera kit when you pack up your equipment in the car.

Visiting the dealership

Toyota GR Yaris | Pure White | Front poster
Toyota GR Yaris | Pure White | Front poster

Once you've parked up around the dealership, have great posture and a positive outlook when you speak to the host. Reintroduce your self to the host and ask politely can I photograph the stock? They often ask the manager and say "sure. Don't forget to blur the reg".

Whilst your photographing the stock, be super careful around the supercars. Detailers take ages to showcase the cars, and the vehicles cost a lot of cash.

Suzuki Swift Hybrid | White, blue | Front three quarters poster
Suzuki Swift Hybrid | White, blue | Front three quarters poster

Also, be super spacially aware of the cars in case there are young children.

After you've photographed the vehicles, thank the receptionist for allowing you to photograph the cars. Then ask them if you can have the marketing person's details to send them the pictures you edited from your visit.

Bonus tip

If you're planning to rapport the showroom, get decent quality pictures of the supercars and frame them for the host/s salespeople and dealership manager.

Its builds incredible connection and gives you extra time to speak to the manager and learn about how the showroom works. Plus, how you can improve their business with your content.


How do I build excellent opportunities and even get a potential job from your work? You've got to consider your appearance, camera equipment and manners when you visit prestige car dealers.

You've also got to expect rejection and how to bounce back. There's much fish in the pond.

Have you photographed at any car dealerships? Let me know in the comments below, press like, subscribe and hit the bell to get notified on my future videos.

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