How I overcame my Autism through car photography

How did I overcome my autism through car photography? Not sure. Keep reading how autism assists me with car photography.

Photographing in showrooms

Lotus Elise Sport 220 | Front poster | Lotus Northwich

Before I started photographing cars in real life, I found talking to new people nervewracking. Indeed! Once, I went started visiting dealerships; I've learnt how to ask the staff/hosts if I can photograph the cars in stock from Dad.

Audi RS5 Sportback | Phantom Black | Side profile Poster

The dealership mostly replied with yes. Or, nope. It's excellent having clarity, but you've got have social calibration in these environments. I.e. is there a customer near the car?

I've learnt over the last two years; I prefer to photograph in car showrooms at on a sunset-night time environment in a large dealership in winter. The showrooms are quiet, and the environment isn't too stimulated.

The social aspect at Car dealerships

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS | Agate Grey | Rear three quarters poster

If the staff or, the customer at the showroom, is interested in what I'm photographing. The person tends to start the conversation, and I talk about:

  • What are you photographing?

  • Why do I take pictures of any other subjects?

  • Where do I find you?

If I'm having an engaging conversation with the person, I'll exchange my social media channels or email address to the person.

If I've seen the member of staff at the dealership, and I'm friends with them. I'll ask how well the showroom is doing and what their favourite car in stock is at the dealer.

Photographing at car meets

Bentley Continental GT | Dark Blue Metallic | Front poster

Why I love photographing at car meets is, due to the more intimate atmosphere and enthusiastic owners of their vehicles. Yup!

It's fantastic talking to the owner of their vehicle how they obtained their vehicle; While I'm photographing their pride and joy.

I've got to be very especially aware not to get in the way of anybody. Or, getting run over by a car at the meet due to my sensory profile.

Finally, if the person's very happy about the photographs of their automobile at the meet, and they're eager for a photoshoot of their vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf GTi MK7 | Performance White | Oulton Park

I tend to message/email when they want their photoshoot, and I ask My Dad regarding scheduling location and time for the photo session.

Using social media

I don't want to use my autism as a gimmick on the internet for pitty, because it casts a nasty shadow over other people with autism. And, I also want to show how far you can go in life with autism and inspiring more people to achieve success.

Its easier to mask autism online (unless it's video/audio) if you can follow social etiquette well and don't appear to have a tangent on your follower's post.

Suppose you can find local individuals in your local area/interests. Its a fantastic idea commenting on their posts because, if you see them at a car meet/festival you can have an excellent conversation about each other work.


Once its safe to do so, you've got to showcase your skills to the world. So, you can improve your community. Social media is a great way to showcase your talents, but you'll struggle to build genuine connections with other people and network.

When building your empire, you need to start small in your community. Whether, it's photographing your next-door neighbour's pets, or asking to take pictures at your local car dealership.

It's an excellent idea to push yourself safely, to overcome your autism. Whether its sensory issues or to improve your social etiquette/confidence well.

Bentley Continental GT | Dark Metallic Blue | Front three quarters poster

How do you overcome your autism? Let me know in the comments below, and if you've found my article insightful. Please share my post on your social media channels.

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