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The need for car dealerships to use social media during a pandemic.

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Do you wonder how to promote your dealership using social media? Yes. Same here. Keep reading to find tips on how to market your showroom using social media.

What's the need to market your dealership/franchise online

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Billions of people use the internet; whether you're ordering your weekly shopping or researching new camera equipment.

With Government lockdowns, mandatory face mask and social distancing enforced. We need to get smart. The solution - Internet marketing.

Even before lockdown, I'd discover dealerships on Autotrader, Google Maps and social media by finding exciting cars in stock.

The advantage of using the internet to promote your dealership is:

  • There is a low set-up cost. (Laptop, Phone, Broadband, router).

  • You can promote your business cheaper than TV and radio adverts.

  • You can advertise your showroom/s to a younger and active audience.

Know what market you want to target

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Whether your dealership advertises to first-time-driver or, sells to an affluent audience who desire a performance car for the weekend. Know your market.

What social media channels do your customers use, and how do you let them know what cars you've got in stock. Whether your customer's use TikTok or, prefer a long YouTube Podcast. Ask what your clients use.

Start your online presence (build website and social media sites)

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If: you're not online. You're missing out! You could pay for a feature in your local newspaper. Or, television channel. Start going all out and build your online audience.

Whether you design your website or hire a programmer to build your site - It's an excellent hub to sell your cars, link your social media sites and organise text/video chat meetings. Indeed!

In parallel, you create a social media channel (Instagram, Facebook or, Minds) to showcase your exciting stock. And, even portray a lifestyle.

Post regular content on your social media sites

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You've created your website and social media channels - Post consistent content for your business.

Whether, that's by learning photography, videography yourself, or asking a salesperson to create regular content for your channels. It pays dividends.

Draft engaging and unique content to your social media channels

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Before you start creating content on your social media sites - Start drafting and backlogging unique content for your social media channels.

Whether you're creating an overview video of the car - showcasing the history of the brand. Or creating a minute dog video where you get the dogs in the boot.

Finding new niches that are engaging in a photo or video form. It showcases your brand has a fun edge and is a way for potential clients to support your business.

Discover new platforms to post what you've got to offer

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Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (and Twitter, to an extent) are the leading platforms most people use. However, these social media sites oversaturated with content.

I recommend experimenting and using new social media sites like Minds or, TikTok to access a newer and more engaged fanbase.


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It's your golden opportunity to market your dealership/s online. Questions I asked about starting my social media channels were:

What's my audience? (Age range, status, location. Etc.)

How should I promote my dealership?

What content should I schedule on my channel?

How I funnel my cars from social media to the sale?

What's the most useful tip I've given in this article? Online presence. Let me know in the comments below and share my post on your social media channels.

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