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Vivid Auto Photography | November 2020 | Virtual gallery

What's your least favourite month of the year? January. Though the light is short for the first month of the year, November can feel drab. Nevertheless, I'm adding some spice to November with my Vivid Auto Photography virtual gallery.

Bentley Continental GT

I met the owner of this Bentley Continental GT in the car park at Oulton Park on a rainy Saturday morning. I didn't expect a breathtaking sunset.

However, it worked to my advantage - the warm sunset highlighted lines of this Bentley. Before we left Oulton Park, the Bentley

BMW 5 Series Touring

It's exciting networking with new photographers. I met Nik - the owner of this BMW 535d Touring at a car meet in July because I noticed his Cannon sports lens.

Nik runs DR Awesome Industries and is a motorsport photographer that goes to race tracks across Europe. The evening glow adds excellent contrast to the Carbon Black paint job on this 5 Series Touring.

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R FN3 | Black | Front poster
Honda Civic Type R FN3 | Black | Front poster

What's my favourite generation of the Honda Civic Type R? FN2. Though: the FN2 Honda Civic Type R has a futuristic profile. I prefer the no-nonsense approach of the EP3 Honda Civic Type R.

I came across this Civic Type R in one of the car parks at Oulton Park in the mid-afternoon. Clear sky with a couple of clouds helps set a serene atmosphere to this Civic Type R.

Audi TTS

Audi TTS MK3 | Tango Red | Oulton Park
Audi TTS MK3 | Tango Red | Oulton Park

What's your favourite weather to photograph cars? Sunny. My camera prefers sunny. I beg to differ. Heavy rain adds a sense of edge, and if the shutter is quick enough - you get a unique atmosphere.

I wasn't going to photograph this Audi TTS: until Dad pointed out the pointed rims on this Audi TTS. I'm happy that I took the chance of photographing this TTS Coupe in the heavy rainfall.

Land Rover Defender 130

What feelings are you getting from this Land Rover Defender 130? Accomplishment. On Saturday afternoon, approaching evening - I knew I had to get a side profile of this Land Rover Defender 130.

There was a challenge with framing this Defender 130 with composing the subject against the sky. And, to photograph the Defender on hilly terrain.

Citroen Saxo

Do you love getting uncomfortable being uncomfortable? Nope. Deal with it! Still, the event organisers at the Junior Saloon Car Championship let us photograph the cars and drivers in the paddock/assembly area.

I had to adapt my dog photography skills and transfer my knowledge to take pictures of the drivers with their cars. My favourite of the car and their driver is Alex Solley beside his Citroen Saxo with style.


How I linked the cars together was the theme of networking and pushing yourself to the limits. It was my last car photoshoot of the year, so I had to make the most of my time: whether that was greeting the owner of the Bentley Continental to photographing Alex Solley and his team's Saxo.

What's your favourite car in the gallery? Let me know in the comments, and if you've loved this gallery. Share my gallery on your social media channels.

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