Volkswagen Phaeton MK1 overview | History, Exterior and Interior

Would you call the Volkswagen Phaeton a People's Limousine? Keep reading to find out why I'd call this Phaeton the People's Limousine.

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Volkswagen Phaeton | Photo Credit @Callum

I'm super thankful that Callum, Rob and Volkswagen Phaeton Owners Club UK member's providing me with pictures of their cars and notes of how their car drives for this video. Its been an excellent team effort.

Volkswagen Phaeton History

Volkswagen Phaeton | Photo Credit - @Hush Productions

Ferdinand Piech wanted to create a people's limousine. At a time when the first Mercedes A-Class went into production, and Honda moved upmarket with Legend. The lines blurred.

Volkswagen stretched the engineers with a briefing of a top speed of 186mph and an internal cooling capacity of 22 degrees Celcius with an outside temperature of 50 degrees Celcius.

In 2003, Volkswagen launched the Phaeton. Though the Phaeton wasn't as successful as the New Beetle, it's got a loyal audience and is an excellent benchmark for Volkswagen. Volkswagen made the Phaeton in a transparent factory in Dresden.

Volkswagen Phaeton Exterior

Volkswagen Phaeton | Photo Credit - @Volkswagen UK

Though the Volkswagen Phaeton looks like a jazzed up Passat, it has more in common with the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Delightful!

However, if you prefer an understated limousine that's got a timeless appearance - this Volkswagen Phaeton's got you covered. Later Phaeton's got LED headlights and taillights.

Volkswagen Phaeton LWB | Photo Credit - @Volkswagen UK

The Phaeton came with various engines, from the classic VR6 motor to the 4.2 TFSI V8. Strangely enough, the Phaeton has a 5-litre V10 Diesel engine from the Touareg. Topped off with the opulent 6-litre W12 motor. Smooth.

Volkswagen Phaeton Interior

Volkswagen Phaeton Interior | Photo Credit - @Volkswagen UK

Since Ferdinand Piech disliked air vents, one of Phaeton's interior objectives is to conceal the air vents. Hidden air vents give the dashboard a clean and airy appearance.

When you're sitting in the back seats, the Phaeton's has plush leather seats. Perfect for getting refreshed before reaching your meetings.

How does the Phaeton drive?

Volkswagen Phaeton Rear Interior | Photo Credit - @Volkswagen UK

If you desire a restful drive in your Volkswagen Phaeton - Its got a well-sprung air suspension. Perfect for gliding over the roads blemishes.

Suppose you desire a serene journey in the back of your Phaeton. It's got double glazing and noise isolation. Perfect when you're chauffeured on the Autobahn and cities.

Volkswagen Phaeton Interior | Photo Credit - @Volkswagen UK

Interestingly enough, I've heard the Phaeton feels driven at 140mph than being driven at 70mph. That's a testament to phenomenal engineering.


Lexus LS400 | Cashmere Beige Metallic

My favourite type of cars is a cut-price luxury limousine, whether that's the classy Lexus LS400 to Honda Legend. It keeps Mercedes, Bentley and Rolls Royce awake due to competition.

At a point in time, Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda thought that audiences wanted competitively-prices limos. While BMW, Mercedes and Audi looked into making hatchbacks.

The market didn't favour competitively-prices limos. You can find these vehicles very cheaply on the used market. Excellent for car guys getting a quality deal on the vehicle.


Volkswagen Phaeton | Photo Credit - @Volkswagen UK

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