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What're my car photography goals for 2021

Do you wonder what my car photography goals are for 2021? Yeah. Same here - these are my car photography goals for 2021.

Photograph more unique cars

Throughout 2020, I've had the chance to photograph exciting cars. Whether its the electrifying the Porsche Taycan Turbo S in the rain or Alex Solley's vibrant Citroen Saxo at Oulton Park.

Alex Solley | Citroen Saxo | Oulton Park
Alex Solley | Citroen Saxo | Oulton Park

I'd love to take the initiative of photographing a wider-variety of vehicles. So, I can showcase an engaging story about the owner's car at the photoshoot.

Increase my editing/writing productivity

Before March, I tended to edit one picture a day. During the lockdown, I watched a variety of tutorials on YouTube/Lynda to improve my editing productivity.

Audi RS6 Avant | Nardo Grey | Front three quarters poster
Audi RS6 Avant | Nardo Grey | Front three quarters poster

My photography tutor changed my life when he got me interested in the idea of presets on Adobe Lightroom Classic. I had the idea of presets being lazy, but my tutor said it a reference point when you're adjusting the picture.

I need to have a more open mind so that I can increase my creativity and output when I'm editing batches of pictures.

Improve my confidence/social etiquette

Land Rover Defender 130 | Side profile poster | Oulton Park
Land Rover Defender 130 | Side profile poster | Oulton Park

Over the last two years, I've learnt to overcome my anxiety and heavy amounts of stimuli when I'm asking the people at the showrooms if I can photograph their stock. It boosted my confidence.

However, this year I've tried asking the owners of their build at the car meets if I can photograph their motor.

Over the last few months, I've gotten into social dynamics and etiquette. So, I can make my conversations memorable. And pleasant. I'll practice what I've learned and apply fun parleys as an ice breaker when I'm at car meets next year.

Discover new places to photograph cars.

Over the last year, I discovered Crewe Hall is an incredible place to photograph cars (when there aren't any weddings).

It's interesting seeing car owners in my area find places I haven't thought about photographing cars on social media.

Increase my network

I'm increasing my network on Linkedin to increase my visibility on the site but, also find new opportunities.

I recommend focusing on one main channel, but keep posting to your other sites consistently. As a byproduct, I can offer other photographers in my circle advice to improve their photos and give them opportunities.


Whether you're trying to improve your social skills in public or, you desire to photograph more unique cars. Have a mindmap on how you're going to get the opportunity or ask your social circle.

What're your car photography goals for 2021? Let me know in the comments below, and if you've found my article insightful - share my article on your social media channel.

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